Unboxing the Sol Amps Air Wireless Buds

Unboxing the Sol Amps Air Wireless Buds ()

  The Sol Amps Air wireless buds are the perfect workout and commuting headphone. The small charging case makes them perfect for travelling, just pop them in your bag or your jacket pocket and you are ready to go. The case can charge your buds up to 15 times, giving you 45 hours of total playback time. The wireless design makes them great for HITT workouts, running for the bus or more intense cardio sessions. You can also use the multi-function side button to answer calls, pause your music and access Siri or Google Assist control.       We spoke to one of our resident techies to get their feedback on the first few days with the Sol Amps:   Pairing the buds initially was a bit of a mystery but after searching online, I was able to pair easy enough and connect to my phone. Once they are sitting in your ear, you would not know they were in. I found them comfortable to wear. My other family members tried them but found them a little hard to adjust. They do come with other ear fittings which gives you greater scope for finding a fit that suits you. Once you have them sitting in comfortably, even on a jog or run, they sit in and do not move. They stay in position and I never felt any fear of one falling out. The audio quality is good. The buds were comfortable to have in for an extended period. They lasted about three hours before needing a recharge. I could take a phone call with no issue but only one bud works, so no stereo calls, only mono. I was caught in a rain shower at one point and they are rain resistant, I had no issue with the buds after they got wet. All in all, if looking for a low-cost wireless pair of buds for basic audio enjoyment, listening to Spotify playlist etc, I would recommend these. The charging case can also act as a portable charger, so you can top up your phone on the go with your USB charger cable.
  • Colin Payne, Senior Marketing Executive and hardcore gaming fanatic
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