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The Best Educational Toys for Kids

When it comes to our kids, it can be very hard to say no, especially when they are always asking for the newest and shiniest toys and gadgets. Here at DID, we believe it is important to stimulate your child’s brain and desire to learn new things. Below, we have a small list of great educational toys for kids that are well-priced and offer a host of benefits.

Lexibook Paw Patrol Bilingual Educational Laptop

You have probably found that most kids are looking for tablets or laptops at younger and younger ages. The issue with this is mobiles and tablets provide limited education for young kids beyond social media and games. That is where the Lexibook bilingual laptop comes in to save the day. The laptop comes with a massive range of educational tools, games, and features, from mathematics games to music games to a mixture of English and French vocabulary activities. There are so many fun and educational ways for your kid to learn.

Not to mention that many of the Lexibook laptops come with different themes, from Paw Patrol to Spiderman, so we are sure there will be a cool and unique theme to suit every kid. 

Lexibook Powerman Kid Educational and Bilingual Smart Robot

You would be hard-pressed to find a child who doesn’t think that robots are the coolest thing they have ever seen, so we think that we are already onto a winner. The Lexibook Powerman is a fun, inexpensive and educational kid-friendly robot that has a range of exciting features that will help your child have fun and learn whilst doing it.

The Powerman contains nearly 500 different quizzes on different topics, a story-maker function, STEM functionality to help your child learn programming and maybe even coding, karaoke, and disc-throwing games too. Regardless of your child’s interests, the Powerman has something for everyone. For only €79.99, we highly recommend it. Perfect as a Christmas gift, a birthday gift, or as a little surprise.

Lexibook Theo My Sleep Trainer Educational Alarm Clock

Are you looking to get your child into a more structured and organised sleeping pattern? Are you in the market for a gadget that will help your child learn new things? If the answer to both of those questions is a yes, then we have just the toy for you. The Lexibook Sleep Trainer will not only act as a night light and an alarm clock. It will also read bedtime stories, as your child fun quiz questions, and play games with them.

The design is fun and super cute, making it perfect for early years, and the stories that it reads are age appropriate and easy to understand, even for young children. It is a great educational toy that can benefit even the most restless of kids. We also love how it uses a digital clock as well as a regular two-handed clock design, meaning that your child can learn how to tell the time in different ways. For only €49.99, we highly recommend it.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite 32GB

It should be known that this tablet is recommended for slightly older kids because it offers a little more freedom concerning how kids learn (apps etc). Aside from the very accessible price tag, we think the A7 is a great beginner tablet for kids because it has a large 8.7-inch display, a lightweight and slimline design, and 32 GB of storage, more than enough for any child’s needs. Of course, another key element of the A7’s success and popularity is the long-lasting battery life, which we know many kids will be very happy with. Just be sure to monitor your child's activity online, plenty of tablets have a 'kids mode' which will disable selected functions. 

Educational Toys for Kids FAQs

As is always the case, we are sure that you have a few questions, so we hope that these commonly asked questions will be able to help you in your quest to find a new educational toy for your child.

What is the best learning device for a 4-year-old?

There is a wide range of kid-friendly devices out there that will help your child build on their knowledge. Both in-store and online, we have a large range of products ready for you to enjoy. As seen above, the bilingual Lexibook educational laptops are inexpensive, feature-packed, and perfect for any young child that is looking for a challenge.

How much money should I spend on an educational toy for my child?

This completely depends on your budget. Here at DID, we have educational gadgets available at a range of prices, so you will never feel like something costs ‘too much’. Not only that, but if you have your eye on something that costs more than €80, you can avail of our Humm Finance plan. With Humm, you can buy now and pay later. All you need to do is apply for a quote, and you are good to go.