The 2022 Christmas Tablet Gift Guide ft. Popular App Recommendations

The 2022 Christmas Tablet Gift Guide ft. Popular App Recommendations ()

It is getting to that time of the year again when gifts need to be bought, and often, it can be nearly impossible to decide what you are going to buy. Here at DID we are ready to save you this Christmas and present you with some of the best tablet choices of 2022. Below, we will give you our recommendations across three different price ranges, what accessories might work well, what apps should be first on your download list, and we will even address some of the most frequently asked tablet-related questions. So stick around!

3 Top Tablets for a Range of Budgets 

A tablet is high on the wish list for kids and adults alike. They are diverse, portable, and can be a wonderful substitute for your child if they aren't quite ready for a smartphone yet. Their range of uses means we need to stock a wide range of prices, specifications, and features to cater to all. Take a look at some of our top tablets according to budget.

Budget:  Alcatel 7" MediaTek Cortex-A7 32GB Wi-Fi Tablet 

Perfect for children, or for anyone who wants to buy something cheap and cheerful this Christmas. This 32GB tablet is compact, versatile, has the ability to play games and stream videos, and is easy to set up. It uses an Android operating system, has up to 8 hours of battery life, and has an optional parental safety mode. This mode has preloaded ad-free apps and a control panel so you can set the usage time and adjust app permissions. There is also an eye care mode that reduces blue light to reduce visual fatigue. 

Mid-Range: Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite 10.4" Wi-Fi Tablet

A light, compact, and powerful tablet, the Galaxy Tab S6 Lite is the perfect mid-range tablet in that it is packed with quality and great features. With dark mode to help protect your eyes, Samsung Knox for added password and card security, and Samsung Note to help you sketch and annotate your latest work, it is the ideal tablet for anyone looking to buy something powerful without breaking the bank.

Premium: Apple iPad Pro 12.9" 128GB

It would only be right to throw in something premium, for anyone looking to really splash out this Christmas. If you are sparing no expense, then we recommend the brand-new iPad Pro. Why? Well, with breakneck processing speeds, wireless connectivity, four-speaker audio, Apple Pay, the brand-new Apple M2 chip, a massive range of different camera qualities and lenses with a five-element lens and 2x optical zoom, face ID recognition, and a long-lasting battery being just some of the hundreds of incredible features attached to Apple's flagship tablet, we think that its quality very much speaks for itself.

Top Deal - Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 32GB

Looking for an unbeatable offer this Christmas? Then look no further than the Samsung Galaxy A8. With an octa-core processor, up to 12 hours of battery life, and 32 GB internal storage, this tablet is a fabulous allrounder at an unbeatable price. There is a micro SD card slot, so you can expand the memory up to 1TB. The tablet is just 6.9mm in thickness so it is easily portable and comfortable to hold for long periods of time. 

Pros of Buying a Tablet

There is a range of different advantages to owning a tablet as opposed to having a PC or laptop, here are just a few of them.

For one, they are light and super portable, meaning you can use them on the go. Which is perfect if you are busy or commuting and need quick and easy access to documents or files.

Secondly, they are affordable. Most entry-level laptops that you can get on the market will retail for about €300-350. With €350 you could get quite a good tablet with lots of capability and functionality.

Thirdly, they can be used quickly and require fewer updates and installation than a laptop. Not only that, but they are less prone to viruses.

Finally, they allow for ease of web browsing, can connect to headphones, and are perfect for kids in that they are touchscreen, have app stores or marketplaces built into them, and have good battery lives. What's not to love?

Tablet Accessories

If you investing in a brand-new tablet you shold consider coupling it with a few accessories to boot. Here at DID we have a large range of tablet accessories from brands like Caseguru, Samsung, and Gecko. So we have you covered whether you need screen protectors, case covers, power banks, or any other accessory.

5 TOP Apps this Christmas

One of the main selling points behind using a tablet is the fact that you can download apps and use them seamlessly. Some of the most popular apps on the market are listed below:

Audible – one of the most popular apps on the entire market, Audible is perfect for anyone that loves books, but doesn't have the time to read them. The undisputed king of audiobooks, Audible is free to download and requires a monthly subscription to buy audiobooks. However, some free audiobooks are available, and their daily deals are excellent. You can also opt for local library apps or Kindle.

Duolingo – The ultimate app for teaching you the basics of a new language, Duolingo has helped millions around the world to learn a new language with ease. The app is free to use, but you can purchase a premium version as well.

NOW – Are you looking for an app where you can watch movies, sports, and the latest reality TV in one place? Well, with NOW, you can do all of that. Check out our various NOW bundles in store here.

Netflix – One of the most well-known movie and television programme viewing platforms, Netflix is perfect for anyone looking to watch the latest shows in the highest quality possible. With various subscription models available, Netflix has a massive database of shows and movies that you won't want to miss. Netflix and chill anyone?

Spotify – Ideal for any music lovers, Spotify will let you play all of your favourite music at the touch of a screen. Perfect for anyone buying a new tablet, Spotify will work on any device, and with standard and premium versions available, you are spoiled for choice.

Tablet FAQs

What are 3 important things to look for in a good tablet?

Regardless of what your budget is, three things you should keep an eye on are screen size, storage space, and resolution. You should consider if this device is a replacement for a laptop. Will you use it for work or college? You might require better processing power if you want to run several apps at any one time. A high-resolution screen and a good selfie camera are recommended if you plan on using the tablet for Zoom or Skype calls. Do you store a lot of files on your devices? You might consider a device that has a large internal storage capacity or an SD card slot. If you are unsure, chat with us in-store or online. 

What is a good amount of storage for a new tablet?

That completely depends on what you need and how much you are happy to pay. Many people will say that 128GB is the sweet spot in terms of internal storage, but you can go bigger or smaller if you desire. You can also consider a tablet that has an SD card slot, so you can expand the memory if needed. Remember, you can store your documents and photos in cloud storage for a minimal monthly fee, so this could help to open up a few more options for you. Cloud storage is also a great way to ensure your files are protected and backed up. 

Are tablets expensive?

Like all technology, they can be expensive. It depends o what spec, brand, and features you are looking for. The internal memory size can also drive the prices up. A new iPad Pro will likely set you back around €1,500 but there are plenty of options in the €200 - €450 mid-range that are suitable for most needs. You should consider what you want to use your tablet for before you decide to make your purchase. That will stop you from under or overspending when you make your purchase. Chat with our team in one of our 23 nationwide store or online if you are unsure which tablet is the best for you.