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Best Laptops for College Students

Buying a laptop is an important consideration when you are starting or heading back to college. If you are taking part in online classes, working from home or commuting; you need to make sure you have the best laptop to suit you. To take some of the hassles out of looking for your perfect laptop, we have pulled together a list of affordable laptops for college. We also have our laptop buying guide, if you need a bit more advice on choosing the right laptop for university.

When looking for the best laptop for a college student, here are some factors to consider:

  1. Portability: College students need laptops that are lightweight and easy to carry around from class to class. Look for thin and light laptops with a screen size between 11 and 14 inches.

  2. Performance: Laptops with a fast processor and plenty of RAM is essential for college students who will be using their laptops for multitasking, research, and writing papers. Look for laptops with at least an Intel Core i5 or AMD Ryzen 5 processor and 8GB of RAM.

  3. Battery life: Students need a laptop with a long battery life that can last through a full day of classes. Look for laptops with a battery life of at least 8-10 hours.

  4. Storage: College students need a laptop with enough storage to save their documents, presentations, and other files. Look for laptops with at least 256GB of SSD storage.

  5. Price: College students are often on a tight budget, so finding an affordable laptop is essential. Look for laptops that offer good value for money, prices can range from €200 to over €1000. So be sure you need all the features that you are paying for!

  6. Durability: College students need laptops that can withstand the wear and tear of daily use. Look for laptops with sturdy build quality and durable materials.

Ultimately, the best laptops for college students will depend on their individual needs and preferences.

What are the best college laptops?

You may be wondering, what should I look for in a laptop as a college student? However, the best laptop for college will depend on what course you are enrolled in. The specs needed to run editing software for an architect course are very different from what you need if you will just be using Microsoft office. There are three main things to consider when purchasing a laptop;

  • the RAM
  • storage
  • processor

To future proof your laptop we would recommend purchasing the most RAM as your budget will allow. If you want to run photo or editing software you will need a minimum of 8GB of RAM. Your processor is the brain of your laptop and helps all the applications to run smoothly. A good processor is required in a laptop with lots of RAM. You need extra power to fully utilise your RAM capacity. Storage is less of a concern now, as many of us use cloud storage for our documents and photos. You can use cloud storage for some apps also. Just remember that your laptop'soperating system will take up some of your storage space!

Lenovo IdeaPad Slim 1 14' AMD A4

Perfect for running Microsoft Office, online browsing, and social networking. This laptop also uses Firmware TPM 2.0, for even better data security. The 14'  HD display is great for online lectures, editing presentations, or catching up on your favourite shows in your free time.

- Battery life: 8 hours

- Portable: weighs just 1.4kg

- 14' HD display

-AMD Radeon R3 Graphics

Why laptop weight matters

If you are commuting to college then laptop weight could be an important factor. If you need to carry your books, laptop, and other things to and from the bus stop or around different lecture halls then you should try to opt for a lighter model. The lighter models also tend to be slimmer which makes fitting them in a rucksack or handbag much easier. This may not be a make or break factor for many people but it is another thing to consider when choosing your perfect laptop.

AVITA Pura 14' AMD Ryzen R5

The 10 hour battery life, 720p webcam and 14'  full HD screen make this laptop perfect for long college days, online team meetings and catching up on the latest shows on your study breaks. The AVITA Pura has a sleek non-slip cover, so it looks great and lessens the chance of accidentally dropping your device and causing impact damage. Plus it weighs just 1.344kg, so it's ultra-portable!

- Battery life: 10hours

- Portable: weighs just 1.344kg

- 14' full HD display

- Non-slip cover

- 720p HD webcam & built-in microphone

How much power do laptops need?

How much power you need will depend on what you plan on using your laptop for. Some specialised software and applications use a lot of storage space and you might need extra RAM to ensure to all runs smoothly. You should also consider if you will use your laptop for any hobbies. You may only use Microsoft office online for college but if you want to learn video editing in your spare time then you'll need a higher spec laptop. Think of how you will use your laptop in the future also if your course is 1 year then how will you use your device once you have finished? Future-proofing your purchase will avoid the need to upgrade down the line.

HP Envy 13.3" R5 8GB/256GB Convertible Laptop

Perfect for on the go! This laptop has all the flexibility you could ever need. The 13hour battery life makes it perfect for working while commuting or on the move. The 360-degree hinge means you can use your device like a laptop, tablet or standing upright. There's also a fast charge which will get you to 50% in just 30miinutes, ideal for a quick charge while you take a lunch break!

- Battery life: 13hours & 15mins

- 360-degree hinge

- 4 different positions.

- HP fast charge

- 50% charge in 30 minutes

- Bang & Olufsen tuned speakers

- Amazon Alexa compatible

Apple Macbook Air 13" 8GB/256GB Laptop

If you prefer macOS to Windows 10, the Apple Macbook Air is the best Mac for students. Although it’s more on the pricey side, the Macbook Air is the ideal choice for students who are taking any sort of animation, graphic design, or video production courses, due to its compatibility with the Adobe Creative Cloud software. Its ultra high-resolution screen and ability to edit full-quality 4k video means you can edit photos and videos very comfortably. So if you’re really serious about media production, this is a worthy investment to make. The Macbook Air is also very lightweight and sleek in its design, so there’s no question of its portability.

-Battery life: 18 hours

-Incredible graphics performance

-Portable weighs just 1.29kg

- Can run iOS apps

- 720p HD webcam & built-in microphone

Your laptop is the main tech purchase for getting back to college but there are also a few more college essentials to consider. Grab a wireless mouse or some BlueTooth headphones and get yourself geared up to ace this semester! Or if you're looking to get a laptop for the student in your life this Christmas, check out our amazing Christmas gift deals across laptops and more.

Laptops FAQ

What is a laptop?

A laptop is a portable computer that is designed to be used on your lap or a desk. It typically features a built-in screen, keyboard, and trackpad, and is powered by a battery.

What are the advantages of laptops?

The advantages of using a laptop include portability, convenience, and versatility. Laptops allow you to work and browse the internet from anywhere, and they can be used for a variety of tasks, including work, entertainment, and communication.

What are the different types of laptops?

There are several different types of laptops, including traditional laptops, 2-in-1 laptops, ultrabooks, Chromebooks, gaming laptops, and business laptops. Each type of laptop is designed for a specific use case.

What should I look for when buying a laptop?

When buying a laptop, you should consider factors such as the processor, RAM, storage, display size and resolution, battery life, and portability. You should also consider your budget and the specific tasks you will be using the laptop for.

How long do laptops last?

The lifespan of a laptop can vary depending on the quality of the laptop and how well it is maintained. Generally, laptops can last anywhere from 3-5 years, although some may last longer with proper care and maintenance.

Can laptops be upgraded?

Some laptops can be upgraded, while some laptops cannot. Upgradable components typically include the RAM, storage, and battery, while other components such as the processor and graphics card may be difficult or impossible to upgrade.

How do I maintain my laptop?

To maintain your laptop, you should keep it clean, avoid exposing it to extreme temperatures and use a surge protector to protect it from power surges. You should also update the software and hardware regularly. Remember, laptops should never be used on soft surfaces such as a bed or couch, which can obstruct airflow and cause overheating.

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