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The Ultimate Home Essentials Buying Guide

At DID we stock a range of tech and gadgets that people want, but many of these we deem as essential! For something to be classed as one of our home essentials, it needs to be something that is required for day-to-day tasks. So we think that when it comes to you, your home, and your office, we provide a wide collection of home essentials, and in this article, we are going to share some of our most popular picks with you from three different categories.

Office Home Essentials

Whether you are working from a home office in your bedroom or in a large industrial office, you need certain things to be able to work properly. The most obvious of these things are an office chair, a desk, and a printer. Let’s detail why each of these home essentials is so important.


If you are transferring documents, organising paperwork or printing assignments for college, then having a printer is invaluable. A good printer will save you a lot of time and will help to make the transfer of documents and paperwork easier. Many people prefer reading from the page as opposed to a screen, and the printers we stock will allow you to read and interact with pages or documents in moments. Just make sure that you have enough ink.

P.S – we have printer accessories and printer bundles in-store too.


A desk is the benchmark of a productive office or working space, so having a good quality desk that fits everything you need and maybe has a little storage too is a real essential, especially with more and more people working from home. In-store, we have a range of desks at a host of prices that we are sure you will love.


Ergonomic comfort is key to proper office performance. A good office chair will improve posture and make working seem like far less of a chore. And let’s be honest, who doesn’t love spinning on a chair that has wheels? Shop in-store or online at our large selection of office and gaming chairs today.

Kitchen Essentials

Perhaps not everybody works in an office, but most people will have a kitchen, and there are a few things that we feel every good modern kitchen should have. Here are three ‘home essentials’ for your kitchen:

Pedal Bins

This may seem like an unusual choice but hear us out. Pedal bins are hygienic, easy to clean and empty, and don’t require you to touch the bin itself. In a post-Covid world, we feel like everyone must take proper hygiene measures within their homes, and something small like moving from a standard bin to a pedal bin can make a real difference. At DID, we have a small collection of high-quality pedal bins that come in between €40-80, and each bin has a stunning 10-year warranty.

Air Fryers

The ultimate modern kitchen accessory, the air fryer is a super-healthy alternative to the deep fat fryer and is a great way to make your meals more exciting and healthier. There are endless recipe combinations that you can try with an air fryer, and the best thing is, they are not too expensive. Many of the air fryers in our collection come in between €100-180, a small price to pay for such convenience.

Breakfast Sets

No Irish kitchen can claim to be complete unless it has two things: a kettle and a toaster. In-store, our collection of kitchen sets are well-priced, high in quality, and best of all, they match. Who doesn’t love a bit of coordination? Check out the collection here and get ready to make some tea and toast, two morning-time essentials if we do say so ourselves.

Electrical Essentials

The final set of home essentials on the list is of course, the electricals. Here at DID, we pride ourselves on having a large collection of all things electrical and are ready to offer incredible quality at even better value. Now asking us to choose 3 electrical essentials is like asking us to choose a favourite child, but if we HAD to choose three electrical essentials, here is what they would be and why:

Smart TVs 

Smart TVs are a great way to access all of your favourite programs and streaming apps in one place. Many of the TVs in our various collections are Smart televisions, and as such, with the push of a button, you can switch from regular TV to YouTube, Netflix, Disney+, or Now TV. With television sizes ranging from 30” to 69”, you are spoiled for choice regardless of your budget.


Now, we are not saying that it needs to be the latest and greatest iPhone on the market, but it would be wrong of us to claim that in this day and age, a smartphone was not essential. Phones are now the ultimate means of communication, and in not having one, you are putting yourself at risk of missing out on updates, events and the latest TikTok trends! Check out our selection of smartphones here, with prices starting as low as €120.

Washing Machines

Whether it is a freestanding or an integrated washing machine, we feel that having a machine that can wash and clean your clothes is very important. A good washing machine will last you for years, and at DID we have a large selection of washing machines to choose from at a range of different prices.

If you like the sound of any of the essentials above or feel like there is another essential in-store that we can assist you in buying, then do not hesitate to contact your local store, where one of our store assistants would be happy to help you out. Alternatively, call our online sales team, who will gladly assist over the phone!