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The Kitchen Gadget Buying Guide

Cooking at home should never be stressful, but let’s be honest, sometimes things can go wrong and the chips you were making didn’t crisp properly, the chicken is not as juicy as you hoped, or the soup just does not have the consistency you wanted. Now we can blame the recipe, the weather, or the day of the week as much as we like, but often, cooking is most stressful when the tools and equipment that we use are not up to standard. What you need is the perfect kitchen gadget. 

In this article, we will show you some of the most popular cooking gadgets we store here in DID that will make cooking a super-easy and stress-free activity, and yes, your food will taste better than it ever has.

Air Fryers 

Over the last few years, the air fryer has absolutely burst onto the cooking scene, and for good reason. Not only are they well-priced €70 - €250, but they are the healthy alternative to a regular deep-fat fryer, are far more versatile, and have a selection of modes and timers attached for good measure. It means that when you are cooking, you won’t need to stress over things burning or overcooking. Simply set the timer to your desired time, and when the time is up, the fryer will stop. With air fryer brands like Morphy Richards and Ninja in stock regularly, you are certainly spoiled for choice when it comes to our collection. This kitchen gadget also helps you to save money on your energy bills. It's far cheaper to run than an oven and you can opt for a dual-basket model if you have a big family to feed. We cannot recommend an air fryer enough, not only is it healthy and convenient, but it is the perfect cooking tool for the modern kitchen.


The microwave is probably the most common kitchen gadget in Irish homes. Here at DID, we pride ourselves on having a vast collection of affordable and high-quality microwaves that you can use to heat, reheat, or cook delicious food in your home quickly and efficiently. We have freestanding microwaves from a huge range of companies such as LGNeffThor, and Sharp, all of which are well-priced and of the best quality.

But the question remains, why buy a microwave in the first place? Well, when it comes to preparing food with ease, the microwave has to take the crown for being the most convenient and efficient means to do so. With various heating settings for different food types, an easy-to-read display, powerful reheating capabilities, and an easy-to-clean interior and exterior, the microwave is perfect for anyone looking to speed up the cooking process with minimal effort or risk.

Slow Cookers 

Ah yes, the ol’ reliable. Irish families have used slow cookers for years because they enable you to cook delicious stews, soups, or meats while not worrying about timing, burning, or your food going cold. The slow cooker itself has evolved over the last number of years, and now has excellent features attached such as the ability to bake, roast, or sear, overheat protection, touchscreen LED display, and a host of energy-saving methods too.

Many of the slow cookers that we stock are well priced, and with over 5L of capacity per cooker, and little to no oil required for excellent results, not only can you cook for the entire family, but you can keep your meals as healthy as you wish. What’s not to love?


Last but not least, we have arguably one of the most important cooking gadgets in the Irish home, the grill. We all love a good toastie, don’t we? There is nothing better than a delicious toastie for lunch on a cold autumn afternoon (a cup of soup always helps too), so why not enjoy a new toastie every day and buy yourself a sandwich grill? We have a selection of George Foreman family grills in stock in store and online that we think you will get great use from, and what’s more, they are super-affordable at only €50-70. It should be noted that these grills are not just for sandwiches; you can cook meat and veg on the grill as well and create a little indoor barbeque for you and your family. The grills allow excess fat to drain away from the meat and give them those lovely sear lines. So it's a healthy and tasty way of preparing your food.

Most grills, regardless of price, have a polished finish that is easy to clean, spacious enough to allow for large cooking loads, and come in a range of colours, so if you are feeling a little conscious about your colour scheme, you can relax. If you are going to use your grill for meats then opt for one with removable grill plates to make cleaning even easier.

Our Kitchen Gadget Collection 

Here at DID, we stock a large range of gadgets and appliances that will make cooking food a simple task. Some of our best sellers include Air Fryers and Microwaves because they offer speed, convenience, and a healthy component too. Each cooking appliance is well-priced, but if you find that the grill of your dreams is a little more expensive than you hoped, we have partnered with Humm Finance, which will allow you to buy now, and pay later on in instalments. All you need to do is apply for a quote and qualify.