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Fitness Tracker: The Ultimate Smartwatch Buyers Guide

In the modern-day, everyone is talking about the latest smartwatch or fitness tracker, and there is good reason as to why. Wearables like the ones we stock in-store and online here at DID are the perfect way to track your activity levels, keep you focussed on your step count or fitness goals, and even have a host of other functions we will dive into in just a moment.

This buyer's guide looks to do three things. Firstly, it will discuss why you might need a smartwatch or wearable in the first place, outlining some key benefits attached to owning one. Secondly, it will highlight 4 things to look for or consider before buying your new wearable. Finally, it will showcase 3 of the best wearables that we have in store and will discuss just what makes them such a popular choice.

Why You Need a Fitness Tracker

Now we are sure that you have your own reasons for wanting to buy a brand-new wearable smartwatch, but there are some health benefits and overall benefits to using a smartwatch that we feel you can not ignore.

They encourage a healthy lifestyle: This one is the most obvious benefit, which is why we have put it first. With a smart watch, You will get complete information about the activity, nutrition, and burned calories. Apart from that, many models will allow you to monitor blood pressure and heart rate, which can be very handy during certain situations. This data can be very useful for accomplishing your fitness goals. In fact, most new watches (including the styles we stock in-store) have pre-set workout features to make tracking your workouts an even easier task.

Never miss a notification: for those of you that can't keep away from your mobile, then this will be a massive benefit for you. If you sync your watch to your mobile applications, you can instantly receive notifications on your phone. This means that you won't have to take your mobile out every few minutes; you can just check your wrist.

Fashion and style to suit every occasion: There is a wealth of stylish straps and clockfaces available, and the beauty is that you can customise and purchase any of them to suit your style and occasion. Want to get suited and booted? Buy a stylish leather strap; looking to use your watch in the gym or on the go? Try a more sport-based silicone strap.

4 Things to Look For

Even though there are a lot of benefits to buying a smartwatch or a wearable from our collection, we still think that there are a couple of things you should keep in mind or consider before you buy.

  1. Is the watch compatible with your phone? This is crucial, especially if you want to sync your watch to your mobile device to make or receive calls and receive notifications. For example, if you are buying an Apple Watch, you will want to ensure that you have an Apple phone. Similarly, if you want to get the most from your Samsung Galaxy Watch, then you will likely need a Samsung device.
  2. Battery Life: This one speaks for itself. The last thing you want is to be charging your watch more than you are wearing it. Most wearables in our collection have an average battery life of 3-7 days.
  3. Accessories available: This is an important point to consider if you are hoping to change up the look of your watch every so often, especially if you will be using it for work and play. Having a range of straps available is important and will give you more autonomy in wearing your smartwatch the way you want to.
  4. Does it meet your fitness needs:Of course, if you are buying a smartwatch, it is a distinct possibility that you are looking to increase your fitness level or at least become more aware of your fitness. Before you buy any wearable, make sure that they have the features you would be looking for, especially regarding exercise and step-counting. 

Highly Recommended

There are three watches that we feel are outstanding options if you are looking to move into the wearable/smartwatch game:

Huawei Watch 3

This stylish and slick wearable by Huawei allows you to keep in contact with those closest to you in a quick and easy fashion and has a range of health benefits. From 24/7 heart-rate monitoring to sports tracking to compatibility with a range of apps and music streaming services, the Watch 3 has a huge number of things in its favour.

Fitbit Versa 3

A solid upgrade on the Versa 2, the Versa 3 is one of the most popular fitness tracker on the market thanks to its versatility, accessible price, and outstanding quality. There is a perfect balance between business and party with countless faces and straps available. Not only that, but the watch is jam-packed with features.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4

Looking to spend a little more? Have you got a Samsung smartphone? If so, then perhaps the Galaxy 4 watch is for you. With a built-in health coach, effortless sleek design, and Samsung Pay and Smart Bud connectivity, everything you need is at your fingertips.

If you are still in the market for a new smart wearable but don't know which type would suit your lifestyle, then do not hesitate to contact your local store, where one of our store assistants would be happy to help you out. Alternatively, call our online sales team, who will gladly assist over the phone! Delivery for all small items is only €5.99, or you can avail of the click and collect service across our 23 stores nationwide, so you are never too far away from the smartwatch of your dreams.