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Buy Tablets in Ireland: An Essential Guide

What do you need to look out for before you buy tablets in Ireland? There are a lot of options to choose from. Whether you're looking for an iPad tablet, an Android tablet, or something else entirely, there are plenty of models and brands to pick from. In this blog post, we'll take a look at some of the best tabletsavailable in Ireland, and help you find the perfect one for your needs.

First, let's talk about iPads. The iPad is one of the most popular tablets on the market, and for good reason. They're well-designed, easy to use, and offer a wide range of features and apps. If you're looking for a tablet that's good for reading, browsing the web, and watching videos, an iPad is a great choice. They're also great for gaming, and offer a lot of apps that are specifically designed for the iPad's larger screen as well as a great repair service

If you're looking for an Android tablet, there are plenty of options to choose from as well. Samsung tablets are among the most popular, and for good reason. They're well-designed, offer great performance, and have a lot of features that are perfect for gaming and other activities. Samsung's Galaxy Tab and Note series are both great options if you're looking for a powerful Android tablet.

Another great option for Android tablets is Alcatel tablets. These tablets are perfect for browsing the web, streaming videos, and staying connected on the go for a very affordable price. They're great for kids, and many models come with kids mode, allowing you to protect your young ones while they play.

When you want to buy tablets in Ireland, there are a lot of factors to consider. Tablets with sim card slot, USB ports, HDMI inputs, and AMOLED displays are all great options if you're looking for a powerful tablet that can handle a wide range of activities. Tablets with android 12, 13, and windows 10 are also great options, as they offer a lot of features and apps that are perfect for gaming and other activities.

When it comes to battery life, tablets with best battery life are the ones that can last for hours on a single charge. Tablets with built in wifi and tablets with built in GPS are also great options, as they allow you to stay connected and navigate easily. Wireless charging tablets are also available and it's a great option for those who are always on the go.

When it comes to screen resolution, tablets with the best screen resolution are the ones that offer the highest resolution and the best viewing experience. Tablets with AMOLED display are also great options, if you're looking for tablets with the best screen resolution or tablets good for gaming. They offer vibrant colors and deep blacks, making them perfect for streaming videos and playing games. Screen resolution is also important for you graphic designers and those of you who want tablets good for drawing.

In conclusion, if you want to buy tablets in ireland, there are great options for those who are looking for a powerful and versatile device or a budget friendly all rounder . Whether you're looking for an iPad or an Android tablet, there are plenty of options to choose from, and many of them offer great features and performance. So, whether you're looking for a tablet that's good for reading, gaming, or drawing, or you're looking for a tablet with a SIM card slot, tablets with USB ports, or tablets with HDMI input, there's sure to be a tablet that's perfect for you.

Here at DID Electrical we offer a range of tablets from the likes of Apple, Samsung and Alcatel, along with some great accessories. You can shop our tablet range at or in any of our 23 stores around Ireland. Tablets often don't come cheap. That's why we offer the ability to spread the cost with Humm. Check out your finance options before you buy.

Tablet FAQs

What is the best tablet to buy in Ireland?

It's tough to say which is the best tablet to buy in Ireland, as it really depends on your specific needs and budget. If you're looking for a high-end option, the iPad is always a safe bet. If you want customisation then Android is better suited to you. 

Which is the best tab at a low price?

If you're on a tight budget, there are plenty of lower-priced Android tablets that offer solid performance, such as Alcatel tablets.

How do I choose the best tablet to buy?

When choosing the best tablet for you, consider your main usage for the device. Do you need a tablet for gaming, reading, or drawing? Make sure to check for features that cater to your needs, such as a high-resolution display, long battery life, and stylus support. You should also consider the operating system, as this can greatly impact your overall experience with the tablet. Android and iOS are the two main options, and each has its own set of features and app options.

What does LTE mean on a tablet?

LTE, or Long-Term Evolution, refers to a high-speed wireless communication standard for mobile devices. In terms of tablets, LTE means that the device has the ability to connect to the internet via a cellular network, rather than just through Wi-Fi. This can be convenient if you're on the go and don't have access to a Wi-Fi connection, but it does require a separate data plan from your mobile carrier.

Is LTE or Wi-Fi better for tablets?

As for whether LTE or Wi-Fi is better for tablets, it really depends on your usage habits. If you mostly use your tablet at home or in places with reliable Wi-Fi access, then Wi-Fi might be the better option. However, if you frequently use your tablet on the go or in areas without Wi-Fi, LTE can be a more convenient option.

What sizes do Android tablets come in?

Android tablets come in a variety of sizes, from small 7-inch models to larger 12-inch models. The size you choose will depend on your personal preference and how portable you want your tablet to be.

What is the difference between Windows and Android tablets?

When it comes to the difference between Windows and Android tablets, it largely boils down to the operating system. Windows tablets are powered by Microsoft's Windows operating system, while Android tablets use Google's Android OS. Both have their own sets of features and app options, so it's worth considering which one aligns more with your needs and preferences.

What is the difference between Android and Apple tablets?

The main difference between Android and Apple tablets is the operating system, as mentioned above. Android tablets are generally more affordable and offer more customization options, while Apple tablets tend to be more expensive but offer a more seamless and user-friendly experience.

What Android tablets are good for drawing?

As for tablets that are good for drawing, you'll want to look for models with a high-quality display and stylus support. Some popular options include the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8.

Where to buy Android tablets in Ireland?

You can buy Android tablets in Ireland at electronics stores or online retailers. We here at DID Electrical stock a wide variety of Android tablets.

Do Airpods work with Android tablets?

Yes, AirPods should work with most Android tablets as long as the device has Bluetooth capabilities. However, some features, such as automatic switching between devices or Siri, may not be available.

Do Apple tablets need virus protection?

Apple tablets, like iPhones, are generally less prone to viruses due to the tight control Apple has over its app ecosystem. However, it's still a good idea to use a reputable antivirus app to protect your device and personal information.

Do iPads have wireless charging?

Yes, some newer models of iPads, such as the iPad Pro, iPad Air, and iPad Mini, support wireless charging.

Do iPads have flashlights?

Yes, some newer models of iPads have a flashlight feature that can be accessed from the Control Center.

Which iPads are compatible with Apple Pencil?

The Apple Pencil (1st gen) is compatible with the iPad mini (5th generation), iPad (6th, 7th, 8th, and 9th generation), iPad (10th generation), iPad Air (3rd generation), iPad Pro 12.9-inch (1st and 2nd generation), iPad Pro 10.5-inch and iPad Pro 9.7-inch.

Apple Pencil (2nd gen) is compatible with iPad mini (6th generation), iPad Air (4th generation and later), iPad Pro 12.9-inch (3rd generation and later) and iPad Pro 11-inch (1st generation and later).