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The Best Christmas Gifts for Music Maniacs

For many, music is so much more than a way to pass the time or a hobby, it is a passion. People worldwide listen to and love music, and helping friends or family find new ways to enjoy, cultivate, and express that passion is always great. In this article, we look at what we think are the best Christmas gifts that you can use to entertain music lovers in your life. Each gift would work perfectly at Christmas, birthdays, or special occasions.

Each gift we reference can be found in-store or online at DID, so keep an eye out because we have regular sales and might just sell out. 

Gift Idea #1 - JBL Charge 5 Wireless Portable Speaker

A Bluetooth speaker is every music fan's favourite because it is portable and can be used anywhere. It is perfect for travelling, bringing to the park or using in the garden for during a BBQ once the summer comes around again. The JBL Charge 5 speaker is packed full of the brand new JBL ProSound and with 20 hours of playback, your friend won't be running back and forth trying to charge it. It is also waterproof and has a built-in powerpack for charging your smartphone.

Not only that, PartyBoost allows you to pair two JBL PartyBoost-compatible speakers together for stereo sound or link multiple JBL PartyBoost-compatible speakers to truly pump up your party.

Gift Idea #2 – Jabra Elite 7 Active Sport True Wireless Earphones  

A pair of wireless earphones is another perfect gift for this year. They are perfect for music lovers who travel, go to the gym or have a habit of running to catch the bus! The absence of wires makes the true wireless headphones easy to use, totally hassle-free and perfect for using when you are being active.

The Elite 7 Active headphones are a perfect choice for music and workout lovers. Not only are they durable and provide a personalised sound, but they work for up to 8 hours and an additional 30 hours with their fast-charging case.

The audio is of the highest quality, and the shake grip technology ensures that regardless of how hard they work out or rock out, the earbuds won't fall out of their ears. 

Gift Idea #3 – Sonos Beam Gen 2 Smart Bar

Why not consider a soundbar for your music maniac? They are perfect for improving the sound on their TV, enhancing dialogue on their favourite shows and movies and can also be used to stream music and the radio.

Is your friend or family member not only a music lover but a movie lover too? Have they got expensive taste? Do you have a big budget to work with? If the answer to all three of these questions is yes, then we have a treat for you. The Sonos Beam Gen Smart Bar might be on the higher end of most budgets, but my word is it worth every penny.

With Dolby Atmos sound technology included, Oscar-winning sound engineering within it, a sleek, stylish, and slimline design, perfect setup modes for music, movies, audiobooks, and podcasts, and a compatible app where you can fine-tune your soundbar and connect to Sonos Radio, there is simply too much to miss out on within this one little bar. The perfect wow-factor gift for any audio lover in your life.

Gift Idea #4 – Steepletone Brixton Premium Turntable with Bluetooth Transmitter

We couldn't possibly include a section in this article about the best Christmas gifts for music lovers without including one of the signature turntables that we stock in-store and online. This €200 turntable from Steepletone has a Bluetooth transmitter, a pre-amp, an Autio Technica cartridge and stylus, and a coloured drive belt and balance weight. In simple terms, it is the perfect turntable.

The Steepletone Brixton allows you to sit back and enjoy your favourite music, whether it's in retro vinyl or streaming via Bluetooth. This high-quality professional turntable is equipped with a Bluetooth transmitter which enables you to play records with high-quality Bluetooth speakers (please note the Brixton is not supplied with any internal or external Bluetooth speakers), such as the Steepletone Freedom speakers.

Vinyl-mad lovers, DJs and music lovers will appreciate this great-looking unit, with a unique red drive belt and tonearm weight, finished in a black wood veneer with a clear Perspex lid to keep out the dust when not in use. Not only that, but the speakers have a 35-metre range, and with crisp and clear audio, your music-loving buddy can have the whole house rocking out to their favourite tunes in no time.

Gift Idea #5 – JBL Clip 4 Wireless Portable Bluetooth Speaker

If you are looking to buy a music lover a gift that is cheap and cheerful, then look no further than the Clip 4 portable speaker. One of JBL's most famous mini speakers, the Clip 4 offers the classic and rich audio that JBL has become known for and does so inside of an upgraded carabiner. This is the ultimate Christmas gift for those on a budget.

With wireless Bluetooth streaming, waterproof and dustproof technology, and boosted bass, this speaker has so much to love. 10 hours of playtime with every charge should give any music lover more than enough time to enjoy their favourite tunes, and at just €50, you'd be crazy not to consider it an option. The perfect affordable stocking filler.


Are Vinyl Players a good gift for music lovers?

Absolutely, not only are vinyl players a great gift for music lovers, but they are also the perfect mixture of style and retro design that is back in fashion right now. We stock a range of vinyl players in store, so be sure to check them out.

What price is the right price for a music-themed gift?

That really depends on your budget and what you are looking for. Your gift can be as simple as a month's Spotify membership, or it could be a new pair of Air Pod Max Pro headphones. Remember, it is the thought that counts.

How much does a good soundbar cost?

Again, as with any electrical product, the cost does not necessarily dictate everything. Most of the time, the reason that soundbars cost a lot of money is that they have been made by premium brands. You can get a fantastic soundbar without having to break the back. They may just have limited additional features but will be perfect for enhancing the sound of your TV. So don't feel like a €100-150 bar is substandard.