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Find a smarter way to a better you

with Roz Purcell.


Model, food blogger and ‪#‎ReadySetGo‬ ambassador Roz Purcell knows just how difficult it is to keep up with resolutions and new targets for the month of January. Every week Roz will be sharing her goals, tips and recipes for a healthier lifestyle on our blog.

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READY… to curb the January blues.

Started, stopped, restarting the New Year resolutions? Don't worry it happens to us all. The main aim with resolutions is to choose something that's realistic when it comes to nutrition and nothing's best than a balanced diet for long-term success...

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SET… Settled into a routine.

Settled into your routine yet? It takes time and a lot of patience but consistency is the key to a healthy lifestyle and I hope you found the previous post helpful on the preparation for success and that any January blues have since faded....

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Keep Go-ing

Ah almost there...the first month of a new year and a new chapter has come to an end, and I’m just about back into the swing of things. It takes time to really get up and running, but use your goals for 2016 as motivation to keep things on track...

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*** READY, SET, GO COMPETITION - WEEK 3 *** #ReadySetGo January has come and gone. Are you still exercising and...

Posted by D.I.D Electrical on Tuesday, 2 February 2016

"For me i started my diet 2 weeks ago, its not just to lose weight but its also for my 6 year old son, i get tired very quick while playing wit him, it's getting close to summer and i want to be able to play wit my son outside an have loads of energy, ive completely changed my food habits and have rented out a treadmill so i can go on it while watching my soaps, it's amazing how time flies without realising it while exercising, my son is also benefiting as he's eating a lot healthier. If your really determined you will see results, positive mind and positive attitude :):):)"

Tracey Storey

"Butternut squash, sweet potato and red pepper soup with just drop of cream. Simple quick and easy. Peel the sweet potato and cut into small pieces, then peel the squash and clean out seeds. Now chop peppers and add all to boiling water or you can steam them. Leave to boil for around 40 mins add two table spoons of cream you can also add a vegetable stock cube to give more flavour. After 40 mins just blend until you get your required texture. It's very tasty."

Gerard Downes

"On the 10th november I decided I needed to change. I started going to the gym as often as I could and on days I couldn't I made sure i walked at least 5km. I also ate a high protein diet. Opting for scrambled egg whites, or porridge for breakfast and a healthy dinner. Always one third meat, one third veg, and one third sweet potato or brown rice. So far I have lost 2 stone. I'm still on the road, but I'm getting there. There is no hurry. The race is only with myself."

Paddy McPadderson Murphy

"A breakfast smoothie with a scoop of protein, banana, strawberry, almond milk and chia seeds. Delicious and filing! Add some glutamine to aid digestion and repair! A good hour + of a walk when possible is good for toning and destressing. Since having my 2year old I have lost all baby weight plus a further 2 stone. Getting married in less than 5wks and I had my dress taken in this week, a great feeling! Plan on continuing on with the lifestyle changes I have made, this was not just a wedding diet!"

Orlaith Martin