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D.I.D Electrical Blog

The Gamer's Guide

  • Irish Adults Vote PlayStation 1 as the Best Games Console Santa Ever Brought

    -PS1 was a near-unanimous first choice, except with those in the 35-45 age bracket who voted the Sega Megadrive #1
    -Female gamers voted the Nintendo NES #2, while more men voted for the Sega Megadrive
    -Outside of Dublin, the Nintendo SNES was a firm favourite taking the number one spot in the hearts of grown-ups in Meath [...]

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  • An Exhaustive History of Eight Generations of Video Game Consoles: 1967 to 2018

    Here we take an in-depth journey through the eight generations of video game consoles from 1967 to 2018, looking at their history, the standout games, their impact on the subsequent console generations, and their impact on culture in general. For gaming enthusiasts it’s a nostalgic and interesting read; and for those looking for something a [...]

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  • The Gamer's Guide: March 2018

    Looking to upgrade your game console, or looking to find out what to keep an eye on for the coming year? Then check out our helpful guide below:

    Originally launched in November 2013, the PlayStation 4 came out of the blocks with a message for gamers worldwide that Sony was the home of gaming. With a [...]

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  • The Gamer's Guide - Issue 12

    What’s up everybody! Welcome to another edition of DID Electrical's Gamer Guide. After the shock of watching Trump beat the odds, we want to take your minds off all of that with the latest news and insights in the gaming world from over the last few days:
    WiiU No More
    The final nail in the WiiU life cycle [...]

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  • The Gamer's Guide; Issue 11

    What's up everybody, welcome to issue 11 of DID Electrical's Gamer Guide and happy Call of Duty day to anyone currently knee deep into the campaign or who have spent the last few hours pummeling players online. We have our opinion on the game below and also a round up of other news to from [...]

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  • The Gamer's Guide; Halloween Special


    What's up everybody? Welcome back to DID Electrical's Gamer's Guide blog. This week, we are coming into the spookiest time of the year and we thought; why not take a trip back and look into the scariest games (in no particular order) to have graced our consoles over the years. If there is a game [...]

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  • The Gamer's Guide - Issue 9

    What's up everybody, welcome to another edition of DID Electrical's Gamer's Guide. Last week was a roller coaster of teases and two big reveals and we have the details right here for you...
    Red Dead Redemption 2!

    Now most people who love their games, and in particular, anything Rockstar brings out, certainly knew that another Red Dead game [...]

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  • The Gamer's Guide - Issue 8

    What's up everybody, welcome to Issue 8 of DID Electrical's Gamer Guide. This week we run our eye over WWE 2K17, Sony/Rockstar's tease with Red Dead and we look into the early thoughts on PlayStation VR, but first....
    PSA: Call of Duty Infinite Warfare Beta
    PS4 owners who have pre-ordered Infinite Warfare should by now have the [...]

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  • The Gamer's Guide - Issue 7

    What’s up everybody? Welcome to Issue 7 of The Gamer’s Guide, DID Electrical's weekly feed of everything happening in the gaming world. This week, we look forward to the launch of a 20 year veteran on PS4, I have my thoughts on the campaign of Modern Warfare Remastered and much more…
    Rise of the Tomb Raider [...]

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  • The Gamer's Guide - Issue 6

    What's up everybody, welcome to DID Electrical's Gamers Guide, your one-stop guide to everything happening in the world of gaming. This week, we give you our thoughts on FIFA 17 after getting our hands on the full game as well as a quick round up of gaming news elsewhere.
    FIFA 17 Review

    Loading up FIFA, I hoped [...]

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