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D.I.D Electrical Blog

The Gamer's Guide - Issue 8

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What's up everybody, welcome to Issue 8 of DID Electrical's Gamer Guide. This week we run our eye over WWE 2K17, Sony/Rockstar's tease with Red Dead and we look into the early thoughts on PlayStation VR, but first....


PSA: Call of Duty Infinite Warfare Beta

PS4 owners who have pre-ordered Infinite Warfare should by now have the beta pre-loaded and ready to go. The beta runs until Mon 17th. Next week, Xbox One players will get access to the second weekend. Keep in mind, last year Activision made the Black Ops 3 beta open to all near the end, so keep an eye on the feeds if you have not pre-ordered but would like to get a taste before making a decision on buying.



WWE 2K17




This years edition of "wrasslin" has landed and so far, the early signs is the combat system has been refined slightly but in a good way. As an example, I would avoid Triple Threat or Fatal Four Way matches in the past as the targeting system would not work the way it should or you would get bogged down just trying to avoid getting pinned for a loss. This year however, they have made improvements with targeting defaulting to manual control and making who you target clearer as well as switching targets smoother and snappy. The new roll-out system allows you to get out from the chaos for a while and choose to get back in when you are either at half or full strength. Time it right and you can create a great intervention to prevent your opponent winning or causing enough chaos to win the match yourself.

With Showcase dropped from this years edition, we have a choice of MyCareer or Universe Mode. Having had a glimpse of MyCareer, you can only create a male character, which is strange considering the amount of choices you have with the Women's division. You start as a nobody and work your way towards the ultimate goal of reaching the top and becoming heavyweight champion. If you are really good, you can hold multiple titles at once.

Universe Mode does take the bigger step forward and gives a better feel that you are actually watching a live WWE event. The interruptions, run-ins, alongside the in-ring and back stage events are given a good presentation with better, more dynamic camera angles as you play. With the save options opened to three slots, you can create three different runs in the mode. The customisation is extensive to choose from, with the choice available to completely change the Raw opening theme or video package. One would hope that after a few weeks or months playing, there will still be enough here to keep us coming back for more. Time will tell.

So far, I have enjoyed getting a glimpse and some hands-on time into what 2K17 has to offer and early signs are that this edition will keep fans happy, with the amount of content to go over and play with. There are a few niggles that can be annoying. Some glitches are popping up even with a patch out, but nothing too disheartening to put wrestling fans off and creating their own version of WWE and becoming "The Next Big Thing".



Sony/Rockstar & Red Dead

Rumours where floating around the time of E3 this year that Sony had secured the exclusive reveal of Red Dead Redemption 2 (or Red Dead 3, depending on your opinion), but nothing materialised. Some reports at the time said that due to the heinous shootings in Orlando a few days before the event, it was decided not to put it in the conference due to the theme of the presentation. However, then Sony executive, Adam Boyes came out on Twitter to put this to bed by claiming the content of their E3 conference was locked down weeks in advance.

However the rumour of a new Red Dead has not gone away, considering Rockstar's parent company, Take-Two Interactive, has said that Red Dead is one of their flagpole series. Before E3, there was a map, reportedly to do with the new Red Dead, leaked online and some story elements also came out. Now the PS Store has been updated and the original game, Red Dead Revolver was dropped in. This PS2 classic is upscaled to run in 1080p Full HD with Trophy support included. Is this an indicator that a new Red Dead will be revealed soon or just coincidence? Given Microsoft got Red Dead Redemption into their Backward Compatible list of games on the Xbox One, it could be Rockstars way of teasing fans and will drop an announcement in the near future.




The Round Up

Xbox boss Phil Spencer gave a brief insight into his ambitions for the backward compatibility feature for Xbox One. This has been a big hit, with 145 million hours clocked up of Xbox 360 games being played, and considering the catalogue is updated regularly and fan favourites like Red Dead Redemption, Call of Duty: Black Ops and more are available,it is easy to see why and not get rid of your old games. Spencer is quoted as saying "I like the progress on [backwards compatibility]," he said. "We'd like to have all and work on [third-party] games is always a partnership with publisher." There is no guarantees that every single title will move over into the feature, with Microsoft leaving the decision to the individual publisher. As of today, 250+ games from the 360 catalogue is available. If you already own a game, it automatically pops up on your download list or you can re-purchase any that you may have missed out on through the store.

PlayStation VR launched this week and the early reviews have been positive, with Sony announcing they are making a profit off each unit already, forecasting that 2 million units will be sold before the end of the year. Most of the launch titles have reviewed well also, you can check out a few of the highlighted ones below:

Rez Infinite is one launch game that a review describes as "hypnotic, enveloping and transformative". Having played Rez when it first came out, it was a unique game that was fully enjoyable, looking at it in VR, I can imagine it being that much more mesmerizing.

Batman: Arkham VR lets you don the cowl and step into the shoes of Bruce Wayne/Batman. This title allows you to intimately better explore Rocksteady's universe in a 90 min fun murder-mystery spinoff.

Job Simulator has an absurd sense of humour and goofy props to use and fully test the motion tracking abilities of the VR system. The rewards of experimenting are well worthwhile though.


That's it for this week, I hope everyone gets some enjoyment on the Call of Duty beta this weekend. Until next time....

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