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D.I.D Electrical Blog

Mind Blown.


Last night in New York, Microsoft held what's now regarded as a game-changing press conference and blew away everyone in attendance with their stunning Hololens Project X-Ray demo. The impressive unveiling showcased an innovative new form of gaming that allows users to mix reality with virtual reality, in what can only be described as an augmented reality of awesomeness! (trademark pending).

The Project X-Ray demo showed Dan, a lucky gamer, holding a holographic gun and using it to shoot lasers, fire guns and blast oncoming robots as they virtually broke through the wall in front of him. While impressed onlookers could view the action and see the augmented reality on the big screens, Dan pretty much fought for the survival of Earth as the holograms invaded his surroundings.


The Microsoft rep presenting the conference stated "HoloLens can turn every room of your house into a personalised video game level".

He added "The robots know where the walls and the furniture are, and they can use that knowledge to navigate and plan attacks against you".


The impressive Hololens is not yet available to consumers, but it is expected for release in early 2016. Check out the full demo below and prepare for your jaw to be dropped!

Also, you may want to expand the video to full screen :)

Halo Lens Project XrayProject Xray looks like the most exciting tech since the original iPhone. Mind blown

Posted by LovinTrends on Tuesday, 6 October 2015




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