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Dyson Cordless Vacuum Cleaners

When we say the words ‘Vacuum Cleaner’ there is a good chance that the one brand that you think of is Dyson, and for good reason. For a long time, Dyson has been leading the charge in the way of home vacuuming, and it continues to position itself at the forefront of the industry with its cordless range. Here at DID, we stock a selection of Dyson cordless vacuums, ranging from the V10 to the V19 models. Each vacuum comes in at a respectable price (between €400-650) and has a variety of attractive features attached, from different power modes to a wall-mounted docking station for ease of charging, to fluff cleaners, easy cleaning for pet hair, and full suction regardless of what accessory you use, these vacuums are well worth every cent.

Feel free to pop down to one of our 23 stores, where you can avail of assistance from one of our many friendly shop assistants. Alternatively, you can contact us online with any questions about what vacuum will suit you best. We have also partnered with Humm Finance, which will allow you to buy the Vacuum of your dreams right now and pay for it later on in installments. It is super convenient.