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Go Eco - Offset your Carbon Footprint with Samsung

What is Carbon Offsetting?

Offset your Carbon Footprintwith Samsung. Carbon offsetting is a way to compensate for your carbon footprint by assisting in reducing emissions in other areas. As we work from home, travel and buy items online we are consuming energy and creating carbon emissions. Carbon offsetting helps to balance out these emissions by creating savings in other areas of the world.  

What is the Goal of the Campaign?

Samsung has partnered with Carbon Footprint Ltd to offset the emissions of all their washing machine and tumble dryers - making them carbon neutral while you use them. Carbon offsetting funds immediate solutions to reduce carbon emissions, it also has a host of other benefits such as biodiversity, increased employment, education and health & wellbeing in developing countries. Samsung will offset the lifetime CO output of each appliance sold before the 30th June 2022. They plan to offset these carbon emissions by supporting solar, wind and tree-planting initiatives, as well as protecting forest degradation both locally and overseas. Find out more here.  

Why Should We Support Carbon Offsetting Projects?

By offsetting your carbon footprint you are playing a vital role in the prevention of global warming and climate change. We do not currently have enough Zero Carbon solutions for energy, transport and agriculture to meet the global demand. Carbon offsetting is a great way to support solutions to climate change while we work towards a more sustainable energy system. Supporting these projects helps to give vital funding to reducing deforestation, fund renewable energy production and fund improved efficiencies in developing countries.  

Who is Carbon Footprint Ltd?

Carbon Footprint Ltd is a leading provider of climate change solutions, helping organisations and individuals around the world understand the impact of climate change. By supporting solar, wind and tree-planting initiatives, as well as protecting forest degradation both locally and overseas, we can work towards a brighter future. Find out more here.  

The Carbon Footprint of your Appliances

The lifetime carbon footprint of washing machines and tumble dryers is calculated by using the average annual energy consumption and multiplying this by the average product lifetime. According to the Energy Saving Trust, the average lifetime of a washing machine is 11 years and 13 years for a tumble dryer. The average energy consumption of a Samsung Washing Machine over this lifetime is 2030.6 kWh and a Samsung Tumble Dryer 5779.8 kWh. If you are looking to upgrade or replace your washing machine or tumble dryer, Look out for the leaf on Samsung appliances to Go Eco!

Samsung brand

Samsung's offsetting program involves investing in renewable energy projects that reduce greenhouse gas emissions equivalent to the emissions created by the manufacture and use of their products. Samsung is partnering with various organizations to support renewable energy projects, including wind, solar, and geothermal energy. By doing so, Samsung is not only reducing its carbon footprint but also supporting the transition towards a cleaner, greener energy future.

Consumers can also contribute to reducing the carbon footprint of their electronic devices by choosing products that are designed with sustainability in mind. This includes choosing products with longer lifetimes, repairable components, and energy-efficient features. By making conscious purchasing decisions, consumers can help reduce the demand for new products, ultimately reducing the environmental impact of electronic devices.