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Get More Active at the Office with a Fitbit Fitness Tracker

If you work in an office environment it can be difficult to find time to stay active during the day. A great way of monitoring your activity is tracking your steps and active minutes. This will keep you on track to hitting your daily activity goals, without having to go on a two-hour stroll after work! You can use your smartphone or a Fitbit fitness tracker to track your daily activity and these few tips will help get you closer to that daily step goal.  

1. Lunchtime Strolls

Allocate 50% of your lunch break to taking a quick walk around the block. This will help to get your steps up and wake you up for the afternoon. A few minutes away from your desk also helps to clear your head before you tackle your tasks for the rest of the day. A Fitbit fitness tracker will help you to monitor your step count throughout the day and you can even monitor your heart rate. As you get fitter, your resting heart rate will go down while the step count keeps going up!

2. Avoid the lift

If your office has a lift or escalator, then opt for the stairs. It's another small change that will help to increase your step count and get your heart rate up during the day. Your fitness tracker will show you that spike in your heart rate, helping you get the blood pumping throughout the day. These little bursts of exercise are great for your cardiovascular health and will help to keep your fitness goals on track!  

3. Change your commute

If you get the bus to work, try getting off a stop earlier and getting a few extra steps in. You can also try walking to a bus stop that's further away from the office on your way home. Those extra 10 minutes each will all add up! If you drive to work, try to park at the far end of the car park or a few blocks away. You'll also get the added benefit of energizing yourself in the morning and just before you start the drive home. Some fitness trackers will even store music, so you can get a motivational playlist going!

4. Take regular breaks

Try to get away from your desk every couple of hours. Even if it is just to make a coffee or walk to a co-worker's desk instead of sending an email. You can also opt to use a bathroom on another floor instead of the one closest to your workstation. All these small changes will help to get your step count up during the day.  

5. Organise a sports league at your office

A weekly game of football or tag rugby is a great way to interact with your co-workers and keeps everyone active. Plus, the extra motivation of a team sport will make sure that you keep at it every week. Some fitness trackers let you track specified sports so you'll get more accurate calorie tracking and you'll keep a record of your activity in your weekly summary.

Check out our wide range of activity trackers today. Whether you want to monitor your heart rate, steps or sleep patterns there's a model for everyone. Drop into your local DID Store or chat with one of our online support agents who will be able to advise what model best suits you. Fitness trackers can also be a great Christmas gift idea, so be sure to check out our Christmas offers today.