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Discover Home Lighting at DID

Lighting in a house is so important. Not only because we need light to see, but also because lighting can affect our mood. A dark room that is poorly lit is not safe and not ideal if you are cooking, reading or cleaning. In contrast, a well-lit room will make you more productive and help to brighten your mood.

You might not know much about home lighting beyond the basics (insert the bulb, use a lampshade, and enjoy). But there is so much more to lighting than just bulbs and lampshades. Here at DID, we have an illuminating collection of home lighting solutions for your home that are stylish and modern and inexpensive. What more could you want? Below we not only detail all of the lighting solutions that we have here in-store and online, but we will provide a few convenient lighting tips too.

Home Lighting

Our collection of home lighting spans so much more than light bulbs and lampshades. Our collection highlights the changes that have taken place in modern home lighting. The landscape of home lighting has changed from 3-light spotlights to 16-light hanging pendant lights. Now, it is far more stylish to have a light that contains several different light sources facing different directions for the perfect full-lighting experience. Our collection spans lights that range in price from €30-€600, but don’t feel like you have to go crazy. The ‘Brilliant’ selection that we have in store is well-priced, modern, and looks great in various colours that will surely suit the style of your home.

Each of the lights in our lighting collection has specific wattage requirements, so ensure that you adhere to them. However, everything else about the lighting solutions is flexible, including the price. That’s right, if your new home lighting purchase is higher than €80 you can apply to buy now and pay later on in instalments with Humm finance. It doesn’t get any better than that, especially if you want to upgrade your home lighting immediately.


If you are not in the market for lights that hang from your ceiling or are placed on your wall, you can always try our collection of lamps. Not only do we provide a large selection of lamps, but we have larger floor lamps and smaller table lamps too. The beauty of the lamp is that it adds light to a room, but can also add personality and character to a space. You can mix and match the style of lamp that you have with your room and the wallpaper/theme/style that it has. Our selection allows you great creative control at a great price.

Lighting Tips

At DID, we are not just about selling you products, we also want to be a viable and reliable source of information on all things electrical. That is why we are including 5 top tips on home lighting below. Take these small steps to improve lighting around your home and maybe even save some money.

  • Watch the size of your lights: The length plus the width of any room in feet should generally equal the diameter of a chandelier in inches. For example, if you have a 10x10-foot room, your fixture should be about 20 inches in diameter. This is a general rule of thumb that you should follow when looking for home lighting to suit a particular room.

  • Light dimmers make a big difference: The last thing anybody wants is to have a light fully beaming on them while they are trying to relax or unwind. A light dimmer helps you to regain control over your lighting and will allow you to adjust the overall lighting (and atmosphere) in a particular room. Always contact a registered electrician if you are unsure about light fittings and installations.

  • Smart lighting: Not only is smart lighting cool, but it is also super-efficient. With smart lighting, you can easily control the brightness and colour of your light by using your phone, so you can set the mood and atmosphere in a specific room. Check out our collection of smart lighting.

  • Get creative: A modern home has personality, so don’t be afraid to show a little personality and add a couple of different lighting styles to a room. That way, you can create different vibes and moods depending on what lights you wish to use. Using lamps, different styles of light or different lampshades can all influence how light looks in a room, so why not experiment?
  • You can get great quality at affordable prices: Now, we are not saying that our more expensive offerings are not worth the money. We are just saying that the cheaper options that we have available most certainly are. As long as you are happy with your purchase and the light matches your style and will fit well into your home, then that is all you need, whether your new light costs you €15 or €1500.