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Top Tips for Buying a Tumble Dryer

There’s a serious lack of drying weather out there this week. To save you from blocking your precious radiator heat with wet clothes, we have pulled together a few need-to-know features of tumble dryers. When you go to make your purchase, you’ll be asked if you want a ventedcondenser or heat pump dryer. Each model is very different so make sure you read the below tips before you make your purchase!


Before purchasing your appliance, it is important to decide where you want to store your tumble dryer and to bring the measurements with you. A vented dryer requires piping to expel damp air from drying. This means you will need to keep the appliance near a window or have external venting fitted into the wall. Condenser dryers do not require venting but some have the option of allowing them to be plumped, so you don’t have the hassle of emptying the water container. Heat pump dryers also do not require venting but, whatever location you choose


 keep the area well-ventilated regardless of what model you opt for. If you do not vent your dryer then you will need to manually empty the water container. These can be quite long and heavy when full. So, be sure you have enough space in front of the dryer to easily remove this. 

Energy and Running Costs

One of the main differences between vented, condenser and heat pump tumble dryers is the energy usage. While a heat pump dryer is a type of condenser dryer they differ in how they dry your clothes. By using cool air, the heat pump dryer uses less energy and is far cheaper to run than a standard condenser dryer or vented model. To maximise economical drying, opt for a model with sensor drying. This feature will allow the machine to adjust drying cycles according to the load. So, once your clothes are dry the cycle will stop, saving that little bit more energy. For condenser dryers, be sure to keep the condenser unit and fluff filters clean. This will keep the dryer running efficiently.


If the frantic Monday morning uniform dash is a ritual scene in your home then consider a tumble dryer with a quick dry option. A heat pump dryer may be the cheapest to run but not all have the option to quickly dry a school uniform or work shirt. If quick dry is a must-have you may need to opt for a vented or condenser model. Each model will have different quick wash times, with some as low as 15 minutes, so check with one of our team before making your decision.

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