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Protection PLan

Protect your investment with AIG Extended Warranty & Accidental Cover

Purchasing the right appliances is not an easy task, but we have a dedicated team online and in-store to help you make the right decision. Consider our Protection Plans to ensure you get the most out of your purchase. Whether it's the new ceramic hob or the iPad you always wanted accidents happen! But don't worry we've got your back, precisely our Protection Plan does. See how it all works in our simple Q&A.

1. What appliances can I buy the "Extended Warranty & Accidental Damage" on?
Almost 95% of DID product line-up has "extended warranty/accidental damage” policies available to purchase.

2. Can I still purchase these even if I did not do that on the day of purchasing the appliance?
You can buy the insurance on the day of purchase of an eligible appliance or within 60 days of delivery, provided that the appliance:

  • Is purchased new from D.I.D Electrical;
  • Has a manufacturers guarantee valid in the Republic of Ireland; and
  • Is intended for domestic and personal use. Office products (i.e. computers) are covered for both domestic and office use.

3. How much does this Insurance cost?
The price of the "DID Total Protection" depends on the price of the appliance, the variant of the cover and the cover’s duration. For details please call into your nearest DID Store or call DID customer support on 01-6250250

4. Can I just buy Accidental Damage?
No. Accidental Damage can only be purchased with Extended Warranty.
The terms will also have to be identical. The trick to remembering this is that both have to end the same date.

5. When does the Accidental damage element of the policy start?
Accidental Damage, if purchased will start on the day the product is taken.
Unlike the extended warranty which starts after the manufactures warranty.

6. What legal form does the "The Policy" come in?
For the sake of the highest standard of the services rendered, the DID cover comes in the form of an insurance, which provides greater benefits than those under ordinary manufacturer warranty and which additionally guarantees:

✔ No grace period.

✔ No excess clause.

✔ No depreciation of the parts.

 No consumption of the sum insured.

The policy is concluded, with the participation of DID, between you and the insurance company.

The Extended Warranty Insurance cover is underwritten by AIG Europe Limited. AIG Europe Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority of the United Kingdom, and is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland for conduct of business rules.

7. When is the appliance replaced with a new one?
The appliance is replaced with a new one in the case when its repair is impracticable or uneconomic. The decision to replace the appliance with a new one is made by the AIG claims handler.

8. What appliance is the defective one replaced with when its repair is impracticable or uneconomic?
If we consider the appliance to be beyond economic repair, we will, at our option
A. Replace it with one of the nearest possible specifications up to the value of the original purchase price; or
B. If such an appliance is not available, offer you D.I.D Electrical store vouchers up to the value of the original purchase price.

9. What happens to the "The Policy” in the case of selling or giving the appliance as a present?
The insurance policy passes every single time onto the holder of the appliance: it is sufficient to pass the insurance document along with the appliance. The new owner of the appliance becomes entitled to report a claim under the insurance policy.

10. What is not covered?
The policy provides you with a wide range of coverage so that you can fully enjoy your new appliance. There are, however, situations which cannot be covered.
x Replacement of consumable items, for example batteries, chargers, fuses or lamps,
x Consequential ordinary wear and tear, corrosion, aesthetic changes that do not affect the proper operation of the appliance;
x Repairs performed outside of the network of service centers indicated by the Claims Authorisation Centre.
x Gross negligence or willful damage, for example resulting from frustration;
x Not complying with the appliance operating instructions;
x External causes, such as fire, theft, computer virus, or failures caused by a faulty connections, for example to the gas network.

11. What happens to the Policy in the event of an appliance’s replacement under the manufacturer’s guarantee?
In case of replacement of the appliance through D.I.D, You should advise DID Electircal who will notify AIG Claims Authorisation Centre who has the plan amended to reflect the new start and end date of the plan.

12. What happens to the "The Policy" in case of the appliance’s replacement with a new one in the process of handling the claim?
In case of the appliance’s replacement with a new one in the process of handling the claim the "D.I.D. TOTAL Protection" the insurance expires (the Insurer’s liability comes to an end).

13. Can I cancel the "DID TOTAL Protection" Insurance?
If this cover does not meet your needs you can cancel this policy in the first year of purchase by returning to the store where you purchased this policy and surrendering the original Certificate of Insurance. Any cancellation requested during this period will be refunded at 100% of the premium paid.

14. In case of defrosting the food in the refrigerator as a result of its breakdown/failure, do I need to have a confirmation of the value of the products, such as a receipt?
It is not necessary to prove, for example with a receipt, the value of food products, which have undergone defrosting as a result of a breakdown/failure to the covered freezer or fridge-freezer. The reimbursement is made based on the declaration made by the person reporting the claim as upon verification of the service centre making the repair. We would ask the claimant if receipts are not available to take pictures of the spoilt food.

15. What does accidental damage term mean and what kind of events falls under this term?
Accidental damage – means accidental physical breakage, or failure of your appliance due to an unforeseen and unintentional event (e.g. dropping it, or liquid contact) which causes physical damage to the appliance, which affects its functionality

16. Can I renew my policy when it expires?
The policy cannot be renewed when it expires.

17. Who carries out the repairs on my appliance?
An approved repairer appointed by AIG claims handler will carry out the repair

18. How long can I expect to wait before I get a call for an appointment?
An approved repairer will contact you within 3-5 days of registering your call in which an engineer will contact you the day before and the morning of the call out

20. Who do I call when I need to report a fault and what do I need to have.
To report a fault please call our AIG branch in Dublin on 1850 211 507. You will be asked to quote your policy number which can be found on your service plan.

21. What If I wish to make a complaint?
AIG Europe Limited wants to give you the best possible service. If you feel you have cause for complaint, you should contact the Personal Lines Manager at AIG Europe Limited, Ireland Branch.If after such contact you remain dissatisfied, you may also write to the Customer Complaints Officer at AIG Europe Limited, AIG House, Merrion Road, Dublin 4. Phone 01 208 1400. If the complaint is not resolved to your satisfaction, you should write to the General Manager, AIG Europe Limited, AIG House, Merrion Road, Dublin 4.