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Why choose a DID Protection Plan?

Breakdown protection | Unlimited service calls with NO repair costs | Approved engineers to repair your product | A replacement if your product can't be repaired | A spoilage reimbursement of up to €400 per frozen food claim | A dedicated AIG claim helpline

Choose a DID Protection Plan powered by AIG and save yourself time and expense if an issue arises. DID Protection Plans are a complete warranty offering unlimited service calls and accidental damage. Give yourself the peace of mind now!

What is an extended warranty?

Our Protection Plan is an extended warranty that gives you even longer peace of mind on your purchase.
You can extend your cover for up to 5 Years Parts & Labour.

Click here to view the Insurance Product Information document for further information

What is accidental cover?

If you’ve got kids in or you’re a little accident-prone, you can now cover your tablets,
laptops and kitchen appliances, with our protection plans starting from just €5.99.

  • Q. What appliances can I buy the "Extended Warranty & Accidental damage" on?

  • A. Almost 95% of DID product line up has "extended warranty/accidental damage “available to purchase.

  • Q. Can I still purchase these even if I did not do that on the day of purchasing the appliance?

  • A. You can buy the insurance on the day of purchase of an eligible appliance or within 28 days of delivery, provided that the appliance:

    • Is purchased new from DID Electrical;

    • Has a manufacturers guarantee valid in the Republic of Ireland; and

    • Is intended for domestic and personal use.  Office products (i.e. computers) are covered for both domestic and office use. 

  • Q. Can I just buy Accidental damage?

  • A. No Accidental damage can only be purchased with extended warranty. The terms will also have to be identical. The trick to remembering this is that both have to end the same date.

  • Q. When does the Accidental damage element of the policy start?

  • A. Accidental Damage, if purchased will start on the day the product is taken. The extended warranty starts after the manufactures warranty.

  • Q. What legal form does the "The Policy" come in?

  • A. For the sake of the highest standard of the services rendered, the DID Cover comes in the form of an insurance, which provides greater benefits than those under ordinary manufacturer warranty and which additionally guarantees:

    • No grace period

    • No excess clause

    • No depreciation of the part

    • No consumption of the sum insured.

    • The policy is concluded, with the participation of DID, between you and the Insurance Company

    This Extended Warranty Insurance cover is underwritten by AIG Europe S.A, an insurance undertaking. AIG Europe S.A. is authorized by the Luxembourg Ministère des Finances and supervised by the Commissariat aux Assurances, and is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland for conduct of business rules.
    AIG Europe S.A. does not provide advice or any personal recommendation about this Extended Warranty Insurance.
    This insurance is for DID customers who may wish to purchase extended warranty insurance protection beyond the warranty period provided by the manufacturer of the appliance they have purchased, and who may also wish to purchase additional accidental damage protection as an optional extra cover from the date they purchase the appliance from DID.
    You may purchase DID products separately from this Extended Warranty Insurance.

  • Q. When is the appliance replaced with a new one?

  • A. The appliance is replaced with a new one in the case when its repair is impracticable or uneconomic. The decision to replace the appliance with a new one is made by the AIG claims handler.

  • Q. What happens to the "The Policy” in the case of selling or giving the appliance as a present?

  • A. The insurance policy passes every single time onto the holder of the appliance: it is sufficient to pass the insurance document along with the appliance. The new owner of the appliance becomes entitled to report a claim under the insurance policy.

  • Q. What happens to the Policy in the event of an appliance’s replacement under the manufacturer’s guarantee?

  • A. In case of replacement of the appliance through DID, You should advise DID Electrical who will notify AIG Claims Authorization Centre who has the plan amended to reflect the new start and end date of the plan.

  • Q. What happens to the "The Policy" in case of the appliance’s replacement with a new one in the process of handling the claim?

  • A. In case of the appliance’s replacement with a new one in the process of handling the claim the "D.I.D. TOTAL Protection" the insurance expires (the Insurer’s liability comes to an end).

  • Q. Can I cancel the "DID TOTAL Protection" Insurance?

  • A. If this cover does not meet your needs you can cancel this policy in the first year of purchase by returning to the store where you purchased this policy and surrendering the original Certificate of Insurance. Any cancellation requested during this period will be refunded at 100% of the premium paid.

  • Q. What does accidental damage term mean and what kind of events falls under this term?

  • A. Accidental damage – means accidental physical breakage, or failure of your appliance due to an unforeseen and unintentional event (e.g. dropping it, or liquid contact) which causes physical damage to the appliance, which affects its functionality.

  • Q. Can I renew my policy when it expires?

  • A. The policy cannot be renewed when it expires.

  • Q. Who carries out the repairs on my appliance?

  • A. An approved repairer appointed by AIG claims handler will carry out the repair.

  • Q. How long can I expect to wait before I get a call for an appointment?

  • A. An approved repairer will contact you within 3-5 days of registering your call.