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The Digital Kitchen 



It’s the season of comfort food – so if you’ve hit the midweek slump and hit a culinary brick wall, fear not… we’ve pulled together a few apps to help you unleash your inner foodie. (And don’t worry, there are also plenty of food delivery apps for any unexpected culinary disasters!)



A great, visual app for getting creative in the kitchen. You browse through recipes and videos clicking ‘Yum’ for anything that takes your fancy. The app will record all your saved recipes and give new suggestions based on what you have liked. There is a section for kid-friendly cooking, seasonal dishes and quick meals. So there is something for everyone. You can even filter by specific diet requirements such as;

Lacto- vegetarian, vegan and paleo. You can share your recipes on social media or WhatsApp and sync with your fitness apps.



Tasty Cookbook Recipes

Perfect for any fans of the Tasty food videos on Facebook. These videos are short and show you exactly how to make easy, tasty dishes. Perfect for anyone who needs quick meal ideas. Get all the videos and recipes in one place; with an easy category search for different cuisine types. The app is in its early stages but this is definitely one to watch.



Unit Converter Ultimate

Never be confused by measurements again! Select cooking from the side menu and you have all the measurement conversions you will need when you’re cooking at home. This is especially handy if you have an American cookbook or you get a lot of your recipes online.


It is also handy for calorie tracking apps which can often use American measurements!




Not a kitchen exclusive app but who doesn’t like a bit of background music when they are cooking? You can sync your Sonos speakers with the app to create amazing multi-room sound. You can also access your personal network music and other music apps, such as Spotify, Apple Music and Google Play Music. Just connect to your home Wi-Fi and get cooking! You can also access podcasts and international radio stations; so there is something for everyone!




The number one in meal tracking, MyFitnessPal is perfect for anyone looking to track their daily calorie or macro intake. You can add in your daily goals and record your progress. The best feature is the personal recipes tab. Just add in all the ingredients of your favourite homecooked dishes and this app will give you all the nutritional information. They also have a great blog section with easy cook recipes and workout tips. You can also sync your fitness tracker or other fitness apps (such as Fitbit, Strava and RunKeeper). MyFitnessPal is available for Android and iPhone


Happy Cooking!