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We’ve all been there. From putting up with the jammy button on the remote, to the taped up vacuum hose, to the noisy washing machine that sometimes sounds like it’s about to take flight. We put up with it for so long it becomes the elephant in the room. This Spring, we think it’s time to start talking about elephants. With deals too good to ignore across home appliances and tech, there’s no excuse good enough not to Step Up. Each week we’ll be refreshing this page with some of our top picks from our Step up Offers plus we’ll be adding some exclusive content to help you take a Step up this Spring! From tips on how to find your perfect appliance, to easy recipes that will put a Spring in your step, to general life hacks that will keep you one step ahead of everyone else - DID has you covered. Don’t forget to join us on our social channels where we’ll be talking non stop about elephants. Tell us about yours and you could win a prize #DIDStepUp


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Recipes, tips & tricks to help you Step Up


Stepping up to your perfect washing machine?

Nadia Forde


We've got you covered.

Our expert Robert has shared the do's and don'ts when it comes to finding the perfect washing machine

Plus, he discusses the essential features you need to know in order to find the one that's made for you

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Step up your food prep!

Celebrity MasterChef Judges


Step up your food prep by making dinners that you can easily freeze and use later

We have recipes that are perfect for this

Give it a go and save yourself some time this Spring

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