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Awards season is almost coming to a close! From the Oscars to the Emmys; the Tonys to the Grammys we've watched as the entertainment industry recognized excellence within their field and essentially clapped themselves on the back at various swanky award dos around the world. Some moments made us laugh, cry, wallow in self pity but mostly they made us realize there's a whole other industry out there that's been overlooked. One that provides entertainment to the masses on a daily basis and one most definitely deserving of recognition.

This Mother's Day at D.I.D Electrical, we cordially invite you along to the inaugural and prestigious awards ceremony that is, The Mammys! We've carefully narrowed it down to five categories for your 'Mammy' considerations. Voting lines are open until 2pm Sunday 6th March and each of our winning Mammys will receive a €100 D.I.D voucher along with critical acclaim for their performance.



Whether it's magically predicting when you need a jacket or knowing where that draught is coming from, she certainly has her moments!
There’s just simply some meals that only your Mammy can make!
Technology, auto-correct and mothers just don’t work together...like a lot!
For those soon-to-be wooden spoon wielding mothers.

Tell us what it is about your special lady that makes her mammy of 2016.



And the winners are...

Our Best Mammy Moment award winner truly personifies the Irish Mammy! Huge well done to Frances Craven and many thanks to Peter for sending in his nomination! Honestly, this is such a hilarious story:
"Our Mammy made hang sandwiches in the airport just in case they didn't have food in France. Small jar or relish and all. We asked if we would get food in the airport, and to our surprise, half the fridge was in mams bag. Full sandwich spread in the middle of Dublin airport. She even had the cheek to send us up to a sandwich bar to ask for a knife. Never have I seen a more Irish mammy moment before!"
Well done Frances and Happy Mothers Day
Our mouths have been salivating with all of the nominations over the last couple of days but it's a huge well done to our winner, Lucy McConnon, whose daughter Trisha sent in this delightful story;
"She knows how to make the best dinners, especially at Christmas time. Our house is a spud loving household and no matter what it is, spuds are involved!! Yum! She carefully cooks everything at the right time so its all done together, mashed turnip and parnsip, mashed potatoes, her famous duck fat crispy roast potatoes, ham, turkey with crispy skin of course, Brussels sprouts and not to forget Yorkshire puddings !! This dinner only comes once a year but is definitely worth the wait!! She's a true Irish mammy with old working hands to prove it. Her dinners are not to be missed! I couldn't live without them or her!!"
Happy Mother's Day Lucy, well done and enjoy the prizes
We've all gotten some hilarious texts over the years from our Mammys and we'd like to thank everyone for sending in their stories for the Best Mammy Text award! Thanks in particular to Mary Fitzgerald who sent in this incredible text message she received from our winner, Eilish! (should be noted, before we go on, Mr.Chips is their cat lol)
"I just, accidentally of course, set Mr. Chips on fire. Burnt fur smells awful, did ye know that? I was lighting the superser after Dad came in from the pub, and just as it caught, he was rubbing himself against it. He leapt about 3 feet in the air and I put him out in about 2 seconds. So no worries! "
Congrats Eilish and Happy Mother's Day, enjoy the award and €100 voucher!
Well done to our Best Mammy Potential award winner Leanne Cullen! Here is what Dean, Leanne's boyfriend, had to say about Leanne and why she deserves this award;
"Leanne is an amazing, caring and loving person and is also the best girlfriend a man can get. Leanne and I are due to have our first child together this June and we're so excited for our baby boy to come into the world. Leanne is about to become the best Mammy ever!
Well done Leanne and Happy Mothers Day
Huge congrats to our Mammy of the Year for 2016, Marcella Griffen and thanks to Shona for sending in this heartwarming message;
"Marcella is a wonderful mother to both me and my younger sister Cora. When I was born I had health problems and had difficulty feeding. My mom did her best for me and took me to Crumlin and other hospitals to see could they help me. Unfortunately the doctors could not diagnose the issue but only for my Mom's determination in fighting for me, researching every day what the reason for my sickness was, I would not be the girl I am today. Mom later had my beautiful sister Cora. Cora was born 3 weeks premature and had similar issues to me. Again, Mom had the seemingly impossible task of going through another 2 years of visits to hospitals, doctors, travelling from Kerry to Dublin to attend Crumlin once more. Cora spent the first 2 weeks of her life in Tralee General Hospital and it was a stark reminder to my Mom what she went through with me. I could see the tears in her eyes everyday. When Mom would see another Mom having a normal relationship with her newborn, the tears would flow again. Mom didn't get to enjoy Cora or myself as babies. She was too busy caring for our every need, making doctors and hospital appointments. Spending weeks on hospital floors. In the midst of all this, Mom suffered with her own sickness. She had her own illnesses which meant she had difficulty lifting normal household items. To get better she had to follow a strict diet. This on top of caring for both Cora and myself was very difficult. Despite all this, as every mother would do for her children, she continued on. The difference was she had so much to deal with, she never complained and always made us feel so loved. She put us first, always. She had no support from anyone as Dad was busy working. I am now 6 years old and my Dad is helping me write this because I want to thank her for all the things she has done for me especially. I see how much she has cared for Cora and what she has gone through. I know she went through the same with me. She is the bestest Mommy in the whole wide world. I love her more than the whole universe. I would be delighted if she won Mommy of the Year!! She deserves it!"
Congrats Marcella, we hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day!