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Miele 60cm Freestanding Dishwasher - Brilliant White | G7100SC

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The Miele G7100SC freestanding dishwasher comes with a set of efficient programs to help you do the dishes easily. Its ECO mode ensures minimum water and energy consumption, while the Intensive 75°C program takes care of stubborn food stains and residue. The Hygienic program saves you from the hassle of cleaning the dishwasher and the Quick Power Wash helps you clean dishes in just 58 minutes. This dishwasher boasts a 3D Multi Flex tray that lets you easily adjust it to accommodate even small items. It also comes with a language menu with which you can select your preferred one for checking status, information and tips.

  • Energy Rating:
  • Place Settings: 14
  • Half Load: No
  • Delay Start: No
  • Quick Wash: No
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Miele 60cm Freestanding Dishwasher - Brilliant White | G7100SC


Eco Power technology,

Innovative water feed for washing with less water,in the ECO programme, water consumption is reduced to 8.9 litres. This also means that less energy is required to heat the water, and you benefit from an energy-efficient dishwasher. The water savings are achieved through the intelligent design of the supply system and a new, highly efficient filter system. Additional insulation reduces thermal losses and thus the amount of energy required to heat the water.

3D Multi Flex tray

Maximum flexibility, We have improved the cutlery tray, so it can now also accommodate even small items such as espresso cups. The 3D Multi Flex tray has a sunken central section and two side sections. The left-hand section can be pushed to the right to create space for tall wine glasses in the upper basket. The depth of the right-hand section can be adjusted to easily accommodate large items of cutlery and small items of crockery.

Flex Line baskets

Intelligent basket design for all types of dishes,You'll be astounded by the various options enabling all sorts of crockery and cutlery to be accommodated. The baskets can be pulled out safely from any angle thanks to the truly elegant handle. Cups sit securely on the Flex Care cup rack's non-slip surface. Bowls fit perfectly into the split hinged row of spikes. And your precious wine glasses? The silicone buffers in the Flex Care glass holder take good care of them.

Quick Power Wash

Best cleaning in less than an hour,an unbeatable combination: the Quick Power Wash programme and the perfectly tailored Ultra tabs achieve the best possible cleaning and drying results on normally soiled crockery in 58 minutes. These specially developed tabs only take two to three minutes to dissolve. This means that the cleaning performance begins right at the start of the wash cycle. The result: cleaning performance category A.

Intense Zone

For high-performance cleaning in the lower basket,Strong yet gentle: this option for enhanced cleaning performance in the lower basket can be added to a programme.


The all-round programme, For crockery which is not sensitive to heat: For example mixed, everyday crockery with normal food deposits.


For fine, delicate items, Gentle and with care: The programme cleans heat-sensitive crockery that is slightly dirty.

Intensive 75°C

Expert for tough cases, Maximum cleaning performance: Pots, pans, etc. are cleaned residue-free.


Minimal consumption, Extremely economical: The water and energy saving programme is perfect for mixed loads.

Maintenance wash

Hygienic, When ever needed: This programme cleans the dishwasher thoroughly - guaranteed.


Perfect results for glassware and plastic items,,guaranteed dry: thanks to the extended drying phase and the increased final rinse temperature everything is perfectly dried, even glasses and plastic items.


Programme, time,halved,sometimes things have to be done at the double: reduce the length of a programme by up to 50%.

Multi Lingua

Your dishwasher, speaks multiple languages,your appliance can display information and tips in several languages to ensure that you understand everything. Simply select your language from the language menu. A flag directs you. This enables you to find your way – even if a language has been selected which you do not understand.

AutoOpen drying

For dry dishes,all dry: the dishwasher door opens automatically at the end of a programme cycle.

Brilliant, Glass Care

Gentle cleaning of delicate glassware,Brilliant Glass Care washes glasses gently. The Gentle programme cleans at just 45, °C. The Flex Care glass holder with soft silicone cushioning holds wine glasses gently but securely. Patented AutoOpen drying opens the dishwasher door automatically at the end of a programme cycle. Glasses are dry, they do not have to be polished manually – and our perfectly matched cleaning products with glass protection formula provide the best possible care.

Comfort Close

A door concept that does it all, experience how easily the Miele door opens and closes. The door remains in the position of your choice.

Sensor Dry

Optimum drying with less energy,sensor dry intelligently adapts the programme for excellent drying results and to prevent damage to kitchen furniture. A sensor checks the load and measures the temperature inside the chamber and the room temperature. The programme is then adapted accordingly, e.g. by modifying the final rinse temperature. The aim: to stop condensation forming on cabinets and to reduce energy consumption and running time without compromising on consistent drying.

Water protection guarantee

Insured against water damage,a function you can rely on: to protect against water damage, all Miele dishwashers come with the Waterproof system. Should this system fail, resulting in damage to your home, you are covered for any consequential damages, dash for a period of 20 years. We bear the costs for any property damage according to the terms and conditions for the water protection system. It is essential that installation has been carried out correctly by a qualified fitter.

Best noise levels

The quiet assistant,enjoy the peace and quiet: Our dishwashers operate at quiet noise levels starting at just 41dB(A)significantly quieter than a normal conversation. There is of course no need to compromise on the perfect results you've become accustomed to.

Eco Feed Back

Consumption always visible, do you want to protect the environment when washing your dishes Our dishwashers make it easy for you: as soon as you select a programme, the display tells you how much water and electricity it is likely to consume. Eco Feed back enables you to select the option which is best for the environment. You can view the actual consumption values in the display at the end of the programme.

Fresh Water Dishwasher

The most economical Miele dishwashers ever, Miele dishwashers rely solely on fresh water and in the Automatic programme can wash crockery with as little as 6 l of water – much less than the contents of a sink. With this feature, Miele has reduced water consumption by 85 % over the last 30 years. Electricity consumption has also been reduced to new all-time lows: in the ECO programme, Miele dishwashers achieve energy consumption values of just 0.67 kWh.

Half load

Adapted consumption, you can use your dishwasher with a clear conscience even when it's not full: in almost all standard programmes, your dishwasher measures how many dishes are inside the chamber and precisely adapts the water consumption accordingly. With automatic load sensing, there is no longer any need to wait until the dishwasher is fully loaded.

Hot water connection

Save up to 50% electricity, all Miele dishwashers can be connected to a hot water connection at a temperature of up to 65&;°C. In the Gentle programme, this reduces electricity consumption by up to 50 % and running times by up to 10%. In the ECO programme, the energy consumption of the dishwasher is reduced to as little as 0.45kWh.

Warranty 2 Years
Brand Miele
Colour Brilliant White
Fit Type Freestanding
Dishwasher Type Standard
No. of Place Settings 14
Adjustable Rack Yes
Child Safety Lock Yes
End of Cycle Indicator Automatic
Delay Timer Yes
Half Load Function Auto half load
Rinse Aid Indicator No
Salt Level Indicator No
Load Sensor Yes
Quick Wash Yes
Quick Wash Time 58min
Digital Display Yes
Anti-Leak Sensor No
Baskets & Cutlery Trays 3D Cutlery Tray
Features Extra dry, Intense zone, Express, Extra clean
No. of Programmes 9
Number of Wash Temperatures
Energy Rating A+++
Annual Water Consumption (l) 2492
Water Consumption (l) 6
Annual Energy Consumption (kWh/a) 213
Energy Consumption (kWh) 0.30
Wash Performance A
Noise Level (dBa) 44
Width (mm) 598.00
Depth (mm) 600.00
Height (mm) 845.00
Weight (kg) 56.00