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Lorex Wire-Free Accessory Camera with Power Pack - White | LWB3801AC1P

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A wire-free system from Lorex can support up to six wire-free security cameras. If you have an open channel, you can fill it with this wire-free accessory camera. Compatible only with the LHB800 and LHB900 Series DVRs for wire-free cameras, this add-on camera also includes a two-cell battery Power Pack and a power adapter charger. Camera features include full 1080p HD recording resolution, crisp infrared night vision, advanced motion detection and a weather resistant housing.

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Lorex Wire-Free Accessory Camera with Power Pack - White | LWB3801AC1P


Easy installation

There is absolutely no cabling involved to connect this accessory camera to your LHB800 or LHB900 Series DVR. This opens up virtually unlimited placement options - inside or outside. Simply attach the metal mount to any sturdy surface and lower the camera's base into the mount until you hear a click. Then insert the battery pack and your camera will be ready to pair with the DVR through the Lorex Secure app.

Advanced Motion Detection

Wire-free security cameras use a built-in Passive Infrared (PIR) sensor to detect motion. This sensor detects heat from moving objects such as people, animals, or vehicles. When motion is detected, the wire-free security camera will automatically wake up and start recording.

Long distance wireless range

Install this wire-free security camera up to 450FT away from the wireless receiver. This long distance wireless range allows you to place it in the location you need, including detached buildings, barns, or along your distant property line. Please note, however, that concrete, trees, or other large objects will reduce the strength of the wireless signal.

Crisp 1080p HD quality recordings

Don't settle for anything other than 1080p HD resolution security monitoring. This resolution will help you capture clear details, such as facial features or license plate numbers. An 88° wide angle lens will also accurately represent real-life with an undistorted image.

Infrared night vision

This wire-free security camera has 12 powerful infrared LEDs around its lens. This will provide you with high-quality night vision up to 40 feet away with the help of ambient light (porch lights, street lights, etc.) or 26FT in total darkness. This camera also features an automatic infrared cut filter that will automatically disengage at night. This ensures accurate color representation during the day and high-quality black and white infrared video through the night.

Safe for outdoor installations

It is safe to install this wire-free security camera outdoors. It is weather resistant (IP65 rated) and can continue to function through rain, snow, and temperatures as low as -4°F and as high as 104°F. A sheltered location can also add an extra level of protection from the elements, as well as helping keep the lens clean of any moisture or residue.

Warranty 1 Year
Colour White
Weight (in Kg) 0.77