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What is Saorview?
Saorview is Ireland’s first free digital television service, it brings all your favourite Irish TV channels in crystal clear quality (including HD).

When is the Saorview service launching?
Saorview launched in May 2011.

When will the analogue TV service be switched off?
The old analogue TV service will be switched off on 24/10/12.

If I have UPC / SKY, will the Digital Switchover affect me?
You will only be affected if there is a TV in your house that is not connected to Sky or UPC.

What channels are available on Saorview?
RTE One / RTE Two HD / TV3 / TG4 / RTE News Now / 3e / RTEJr / RTE One +1 / RTE Aertel Digital, along with a range of digital radio stations.

Are there any more channels to be added to current list?
Channel list will be updated over time.

Will my existing aerial work?
The vast majority of premises with existing outdoor or rooftop aerials will be able to receive Saorview signal.  The rule of thumb is if your existing aerial has been receiving a good quality signal on RTÉ One, RTÉ Two, TV3 and TG4 it should work for Saorview.

Will Saorview work on an indoor aerial?
This will depend on your location. It is recommended you use an outdoor aerial.

Will a Satellite dish work or does it have to be an outdoor aerial?
Saorview is received through an aerial.  A small number of people are not in Saorview coverage, so they would need to use a satellite dish to receive the Saorsat service.  A satellite dish may also be used to receive other free to air channels .

Do I have to buy a new television?
All existing televisions are able to receive Saorview, all you need is a set-top-box between your aerial and television.

Will my TV that is around 10 years old work with Saorview?
Yes. Once a box and aerial are in place.

Can all new televisions receive Saorview?
It is recommended that you purchase a Saorview Approved TV.

If we get a new Saorview Approved TV, do we also need a Saorview box?
No.  All you need is an aerial when using a Saorview Approved TV.

Do we need an installer to get this up and running?
We do a one box solution which is an option for self install, but, we can also recommend a competent local installer.

Can I split the signal coming into my home and distribute to each room with a television?
You can run an additional signal from the RF out on the Saorview box (If it has one) but you can only watch the same channel in each room.

What is Saorsat box?
This is for 2% of the population that can`t get Saorview, and will receive their free Irish channels from the Saorsat service.

How much do standard set-top-boxes cost?
The average price is around €80.

Is there a monthly charge?
No, you will save considerably against other service providers.

Will the MPEG4 Televisions receive UK channels as well as Irish Channels?
In most parts of the country you will only receive Irish Channels.  However in some areas, particularly around the border, there will be some overspill of UK channels which may be received.

How many HD Channels are there at Saorview launch?
Just one.  RTETwo HD.

Is it possible to receive any more free channels?
You can combine Saorview with free to air UK and European satellite channels.  You will need an aerial, a satellite dish and a Saorview Approved box or TV with a built-in satellite tuner.

Can you record from a Saorview Box to DVD/Video Recorder?
You can use your existing video or DVD recorder to record from SAORVIEW. Consult your equipment manual for specific instructions, but in general it is simply a case of connecting the box to your recorder with a SCART lead. Many SAORVIEW approved boxes have a USB socket, and this provides a very simple and convenient means of recording to an external memory stick or hard drive (HDD) device.

What does EPG mean in the context of Saorview?
EPG is Electronic Programme Guide, which gives 7 day TV listings.

Will I be able to still use teletext?
Yes, all Saorview Approved TVs and boxes will have the digital text function

Do I still need a TV License?

If I own a hotel / B&B, and I currently have an analogue signal, what are my options?
This depends on the number of rooms with TVs.  In the case of a B&B or smaller hotel, you would need a Saorview Approved box or TV for each room, along with an aerial connection. For larger hotels you will need a Saorview Approved box for each available channel and these need to be split through a modulator to each room.

Our housing has a communal aerial. How will this affect me?
Your property management company will need to have the appropriate equipment in place before 24th October 2012.

Do you provide a full solution for commercial business switch over to Saorview?
Yes. Please contact us for further details.