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4050-68_Gardena Sileno+ 2000 Robotic Lawnmowers - Grey & Turquoise-1 4050-68_Gardena Sileno+ 2000 Robotic Lawnmowers - Grey & Turquoise-2 4050-68_Gardena Sileno+ 2000 Robotic Lawnmowers - Grey & Turquoise-3 4050-68_Gardena Sileno+ 2000 Robotic Lawnmowers - Grey & Turquoise-4 4050-68_Gardena Sileno+ 2000 Robotic Lawnmowers - Grey & Turquoise-5

Gardena Sileno+ 2000 Robotic Lawnmowers - Grey & Turquoise | 4050-68

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To keep your large lawn spaces neat and even, the Gardena SILENO+ robotic lawnmower can be a perfect fit. It does the work swiftly with minimum or no supervision. With a working capacity of 2000 m², this mower can go through hard-to-access areas like narrow passages, corridors, under the bench, trampolines, etc. You can use this robotic mower at any time of the day as it operates quietly. It can work in any weather condition to keep your lawn look neat as always.

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Gardena Sileno+ 2000 Robotic Lawnmowers - Grey & Turquoise | 4050-68


The powerful robotic lawnmower for lawns up to 2000m²

You will be surprised how easy lawn care can be! The intuitive to use GARDENA SILENO+ keeps the stalks accurately to a specified length and you can enjoy your leisure time. When the Robotic lawnmower starts to work it does not cause lawn stripes, but rather leaves a perfectly maintained carpet of lawn – thanks to the SensorCut System. It runs so quietly that it is hardly possible to hear it mowing the lawn before it returns fully automatically to the charging station. The mowing times are freely programmable, meaning that the Robotic lawnmower is only in operation when you require it. Your new helper in the garden is also pretty clever: It determines by itself with the SensorControl function how often it mows and if mowing is needed at all. Spot Cutting is also a very helpful feature of the Robotic mower and ideal for large and complex gardens. The spiral mowing function will help you mow hard-to-reach areas such as under garden furniture. Thanks to its powerful rear-wheel drive, the GARDENA SILENO+ is able to cope with uneven ground and even with inclines of up to 35 percent. Enjoy your time in your garden – thanks to your SILENO+ by GARDENA.

Ideal for large and complex lawn areas

The GARDENA SILENO+ mows large lawn areas completely automatically, reliably, streak-free and evenly. It manages narrow corridors and tight passageways without a problem. The charging station can also be set up flexibly with nearly no restrictions.

It's the quietest

At 60 db(A), the SILENO+ makes half as much noise when compared with models from other manufacturers. You will hardly notice it's there.

It's all weather

Your SILENO+ is your personal helper in the garden who will do his job in all weathers. Whether uphill or downhill, in the rain or in the sun - your lawn will always be beautifully mowed.

SensorControl - keeping an eye out for you

The SILENO+ models are also equipped with the SensorControl function: The intelligent cutting system automatically adjusts the mowing time based on grass growth.

Spot Cutting: You spin me right round!

The spot cutting feature, a spiral mowing function, makes the SILENO+ ideal for hard-to-reach areas such as under trampolines or garden furniture — doing the hard work for you!

Safe and sound

The boundary wire determines the mowing area flexibly and yet reliably – ensuring that the Robotic Lawnmower only mows the areas specified. Highly sensitive collision sensors ensure that the Robotic Lawnmower is not stopped by garden obstacles. When the tool is lifted, another set of sensors make the blades stop immediately, thus preventing injuries.

Warranty 2 Years
Brand Gardena
Colour Grey & Turquoise
Weight (kg) 8.50