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A Look Inside the Celebrity MasterChef Kitchen


We're firm believers that the right equipment can make everyone a bit of a MasterChef! So today, we're taking an exclusive sneak peek inside the Celebrity MasterChef Ireland kitchen to see what technology has made the cut for the aspiring experts.

Celebrity MasterChef 2017



Induction Hob


Induction is top of the list for our MasterChefs this year and it's easy to see why! Induction is a more energy efficient, controlled and faster way of cooking; in comparison to traditional gas or electric hobs. The Whirlpool ACM928 Hob is the model you'll see on your screens this Monday at 10pm.

Flexicook design

FlexiCook provides flexible cooking space for pots and pans of any size. So if you are using a large frying pan you'll get an even heat right up to edges (essential for cooking the perfect steak!). You also have the option of using large casserole dishes, which may not fit on a traditional hob. Induction uses its technology to heat the pans rather than the hob, so you don't get wasted heat escaping up the sides of your pots! That means all the energy goes into cooking your food, so less energy waste in your kitchen.



The Whirlpool AKZ6270IX Pyroclean single oven will be starring in the Celebrity MasterChef kitchen this Monday at 10pm!


Our favourite piece of tech! Pyroclean takes the hassle out of cleaning by doing the dirty work so you don't have to. At the touch of a button, pyrolytic technology uses a high-temperature cycle to incinerate food residue to ash, which can then be easily wiped away with a sponge. So no more elbow grease, all you need to do is put on the cleaning cycle and let the machine take care of the hard part.

DID Insider Tip On average you should be running this cycle 3-5 times per year. However, this will depend on how regularly you use your oven. Are you a Sunday roast lover? These can be a nightmare for your oven! While you brown your meat it will spit out a lot of grease. This grease clings to the inside of your oven and is a chore to try and shift. Are you a casserole, pasta bake or pie lover? Have you ever had the dreaded overspill scenario? The bottom of your oven is a magnet for food and once it's been cooked in you're going to need some serious elbow grease to shift it. Try placing a baking tray to catch any rougue spills at the bottom of your oven. You should run the cleaning cycle as often as your cooking style dictates. Running these cycles regularly will prevent smoke from emitting while you cook; keeping your kitchen cleaner!

Ready 2 cook

Heat-reflecting glass panels in the oven door ensure that the external temperature stays low, for added safety. The AKZ6270IX also comes with some handy Ready2Cook functions so there is no need to preheat. Which can only mean more prep time for our celebrity hopefuls! Plus it saves up to 20% more energy which means more dough for you to save (or bake!) to your heart's desire.

The 6th sense technology in the Whirlpool Fridge

Electronic control system

One of the most important pieces in any kitchen! Your fridge keeps your food stored at a regulated temperature; ensuring your food is safe to consume and stays fresher for longer! The 6th sense technology in the Whirlpool WMA36562 monitors the temperature in your fridge, which can allow your food to be preserved for up to 4 times longer. A fast cooling function ensures the temperature is regulated when the door is opened or new food is added.

6th Sense

Whirlpool’s 6th sense technology is entirely unique to their range of products. It controls the humidity and temperature in your fridge to make sure your food is preserved for as long as possible. No more lining your salad drawers with kitchen towel or frosty patches on the back panels! There is even a handy holiday mode, so your fridge will stay in standby while you’re away. Combined with an A++ energy rating and 6th sense temperature control; this fridge ensures low energy consumption, saving you money and preventing food waste.


With a kitchen that well equipped, there’s no excuse for our celebrities not to unleash their inner Masterchef…or is there? We’ll be glued to our seats on Monday 16th January at 10pm to see the magic of the TV3's Celebrity Masterchef Ireland kitchen in action.