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D.I.D Electrical Blog


  • Important Television Events of the Last 90 Years


    Today is the 90th anniversary of the first demonstration of television. It’s hard to grasp just how much our world has changed in the last 90 years.  Fashion, technology, transport; very little that makes up our lives now, is the same as it was 90 years ago. We decided to take a look at how [...]

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  • Top 10 Updates of CES Day 1!

    The first day of CES is over and we are spoiled for choice with this blog post. Below are our top ten updates for CES 2016;
    1.  Whirlpool to Integrate Amazon Dash with all Smart Appliances
    Whirlpool has kicked off CES 2016 with the first Smart Home announcement. Amazon dash allows you to purchase everyday household accessories directly [...]

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  • Top 5 Things to Watch For at CES 2016

    Held in Las Vegas every year, CES showcases new technologies; many of which have transformed the way we engage with everyday products.
    Some of these previous technology reveals include;

    ­The VCR, 1970
    The Camcorder, 1981
    Microsoft Xbox, 2001
    OLED TV, 2008
    Tablets, Netbooks and Android Devices, 2010
    3D Printers, Sensor Technology, Curved UHD, 2014

    With all these great past innovations, we are getting [...]

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  • Great Scott - They Got It Right!

    Wednesday, October 21st 2015 is the day that Marty McFly time travels with Doc Brown to Hill Valley to save his kids in the iconic Back to the Future II. It's fair to say that the incredible 1989 movie sequel made some bold predictions about life and tech in 2015 and we've decided to take [...]

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  • Mind Blown.

    Last night in New York, Microsoft held what's now regarded as a game-changing press conference and blew away everyone in attendance with their stunning Hololens Project X-Ray demo. The impressive unveiling showcased an innovative new form of gaming that allows users to mix reality with virtual reality, in what can only be described as an [...]

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  • The Commodore 64 is back, well kind of...

    We've all recently entered into what has become known as the Nostalgia Era. Everything that was once thought of as old, is now new. From the Ellesse jumpers spiking in popularity to record players becoming the norm for music lovers, we've all been firmly taken on a trip down memory lane in recent times. Take [...]

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  • Exclusive Windows 10 Sneak Peek

    D.I.D Electrical were recently given an exclusive, first-hand look at Window's 10 at the Microsoft Headquarters to sample the company's latest operating software, that's due to be released on July 29th. Being referred to by Microsoft as their final operating system, Windows 10 will be the platform for those who use Windows 7 or 8.1 [...]

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  • 6 Bite-Sized Announcements from the latest Apple-fest

    If you missed all the news and gossip from Apple's WWDC 2015 Keynote, don't worry we've got the best bits right here!

    Apple have just wrapped up their 2015 Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco and in the process dropped a bundle of exciting new features and services. We’ve put together our pick of the biggest [...]

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  • Staying one step ahead of hackers

    We've all had at least one email from our long-lost third cousin on our pet dog Pete's mum's side of the family, telling us we've just joined the millionaires' club - and all we need to do is send on our bank details. Really?
    All jokes aside, millions of PCs - and more and more mobile devices [...]

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