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D.I.D Electrical Blog


  • The Gamer's Guide - Issue 9

    What's up everybody, welcome to another edition of DID Electrical's Gamer's Guide. Last week was a roller coaster of teases and two big reveals and we have the details right here for you...
    Red Dead Redemption 2!

    Now most people who love their games, and in particular, anything Rockstar brings out, certainly knew that another Red Dead game [...]

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  • The Gamer's Guide - Issue 8

    What's up everybody, welcome to Issue 8 of DID Electrical's Gamer Guide. This week we run our eye over WWE 2K17, Sony/Rockstar's tease with Red Dead and we look into the early thoughts on PlayStation VR, but first....
    PSA: Call of Duty Infinite Warfare Beta
    PS4 owners who have pre-ordered Infinite Warfare should by now have the [...]

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  • The Gamer's Guide - Issue 7

    What’s up everybody? Welcome to Issue 7 of The Gamer’s Guide, DID Electrical's weekly feed of everything happening in the gaming world. This week, we look forward to the launch of a 20 year veteran on PS4, I have my thoughts on the campaign of Modern Warfare Remastered and much more…
    Rise of the Tomb Raider [...]

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  • The Gamer's Guide - Issue 5

    What’s up everybody, welcome along to issue 5 of DID Electrical's Gamer’s Guide. This is your one stop guide to the latest news in gaming.
    McGregor & Harrington strut their stuff for Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare:
    The latest story trailer landed showcasing some more of Call of Duty’s latest campaign and you see more of Kit [...]

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  • The Gamer's Guide; Issue 2


    What’s up everybody, welcome to our weekly DID Electrical gaming blog! This week, EA has their say on PS4 NEO / Project Scorpio, details incoming on Call of Duty multiplayer, update on the Battlefield 1 beta starting tomorrow and more…
    PS4 Neo, Project Scorpio “great for the industry”
    Peter Moore, EA’s COO, gave an interview where he [...]

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  • The Gamer's Guide; Issue 1

    Welcome to the first weekly DID Electrical gaming blog, where we will update you on the top news in games, details on new releases, special reports on new tech and consoles; as well as a whole host of other information. If any of you have any suggestions or things you want us to review, please [...]

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  • Win a PS4 & Star Wars DVD Bundle

    The wait is almost over for Star Wars fans as The Force officially 'awakens' on December 17th. We want to give you a chance to win a 500gb PS4 bundle with Star Wars DVD box set worth €369.99. So let's separate the Wookies from the rookies in a test of your knowledge of the original movies.

    Simply [...]

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  • Mind Blown.

    Last night in New York, Microsoft held what's now regarded as a game-changing press conference and blew away everyone in attendance with their stunning Hololens Project X-Ray demo. The impressive unveiling showcased an innovative new form of gaming that allows users to mix reality with virtual reality, in what can only be described as an [...]

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  • The Commodore 64 is back, well kind of...

    We've all recently entered into what has become known as the Nostalgia Era. Everything that was once thought of as old, is now new. From the Ellesse jumpers spiking in popularity to record players becoming the norm for music lovers, we've all been firmly taken on a trip down memory lane in recent times. Take [...]

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