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Fit Tech

  • The Ultimate Guide to buying your First Fitness Tracker

    Are you looking to purchase your first fitness tracker but you aren’t sure where to start? Check out our top tips and advice below.
    What Does a Fitness Tracker Track?
    Your fitness tracker will help you to track several aspects of your fitness. This includes:
    - Sleep
    - Steps
    - Workout Sessions
    - Heart Rate (if your tracker has a HR [...]

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  • A Day with the Fitbit Charge 2

    Happy Techie Thursday everyone! 2016 has been the year of wearable fitness tech, and the one that stands out is the smart watch. Fitbit has released their new line-up of wearable tech and gadget fanatics everywhere have been deciding should they join the fitness tech community or upgrade their current gear. We spoke to Katelyn Cook [...]

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  • Techie Thursday- The Future of Wearable Tech!

    Technology is always changing, adapting and making itself better. We have Google glasses, Oculus Rift, 3D printing and hoverboards -  (bit of a debate with that one but that’s  for another time!).  Now, some of the sci-fi shows we watch don’t seem that foreign to us anymore.

    With wearable tech dominating the digital market over the last few [...]

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  • Next Steps With Your Fitness Tracker

    So, you have taken the plunge and bought a fitness tracker. Now what are the next steps to ensure you get the most out of your device?

    1. Make it Competitive
    Most of us manage to keep the motivation going by ourselves for the first few weeks, maybe even months. If your motivation starts to wain; get yourself [...]

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  • Keep GO-ing

    Ah almost there...the first month of a new year and a new chapter has come to an end, and I’m just about back into the swing of things.
    It takes time to really get up and running, but use your goals for 2016 as motivation to keep things on track. January has helped me get back [...]

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  • DID Electrical's Top 5 Online Workouts

    If splashing out a fortune on gym membership is not your thing, get your fitness fix from home with my picks of the best FREE online workouts. All you need is some appropriate workout gear, a mat, some hand weights and a can-do attitude - No hand weights? No problem! Fill a couple of bottles [...]

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  • DID Electrical's Top Tips to Consider When Buying A Fitness Tracker

    Buying fitness tech can be overwhelming. There are so many choices out there and all have slightly different features, with fairly dramatic price differences. A bit of research before you take the fitness plunge will ensure that you end up with the perfect product to suit your needs. We have pulled together our top tips [...]

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  • SET...Settled into a routine

    Settled into your routine yet?
    It takes time and a lot of patience but consistency is the key to a healthy lifestyle and I hope you found the previous post helpful on the preparation for success and that any January blues have since faded.
    This week, I’m going to tell you about how I link my nutrition [...]

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  • READY…to curb the January blues.

    Started, stopped, restarting the New Year resolutions? Don't worry, it happens to us all. The main aim with resolutions is to choose something that's realistic when it comes to nutrition and nothing's better than a balanced diet for long-term success.
    First step is making sure you are ready, not only for a change but willing to [...]

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