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D.I.D Electrical Blog

The Gamer's Guide - Issue 9

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What's up everybody, welcome to another edition of DID Electrical's Gamer's Guide. Last week was a roller coaster of teases and two big reveals and we have the details right here for you...


Red Dead Redemption 2!




Now most people who love their games, and in particular, anything Rockstar brings out, certainly knew that another Red Dead game was in the works. Take Two even announced previously that the game was a "permanent franchise". Last week, I mentioned that we were getting a possible tease to a future reveal of the new installment in this franchise after Red Dead Revolver was added to the PS2 classics section on the Playstation Store and then come Sunday, Rockstar tweeted an image of their logo with a red background. This had the internet go into meltdown and had everyone excited to see what was coming next.

24 hours later, a new image appeared with a sunset and 7 figures silhouetted against the backdrop and even more excitement was elicited from this. Then the final post went out on the Tuesday confirming what we all knew to be true, Red Dead Redemption 2 was official and coming in the Fall 2017. Rockstar have again proven themselves kings of the reveal with creating a huge buzz around their product. This past Thursday, the first teaser trailer dropped and just from the first frame alone, this is definitely a day one purchase. The forest, canyons and towns look gorgeous and life like, and the wait for next year is going to be a killer. I cannot wait to get back out into the Old West and explore, hunt and be a frontier man defending his home and family (taking from what was gleaned off the trailer, it looks like another John Marston type scenario).

One item of interest, to tie in with a recently released Take Two game, was the map that was leaked earlier this year. There is some indication, if this is legit, that the game is set before Red Dead Redemption, but there is also a section towards the bottom right of the map with a town listed called New Bordeaux. Mafia 3 gamers know this game is set in the fictional New Orleans town and we may have a crossover and see New Bordeaux set in the Wild West before it's 1960's take from Mafia 3. As of now, we are all awaiting the next sliver of news regarding Red Dead and waiting for confirmation when we can all pre-order.



Nintendo NX..... Oh Sorry, Switch.

Thursday was a busy day for reveals. Nintendo announced on Wednesday afternoon that a teaser for the NX was to be showcased and we got more than just the teaser. The NX (which sounds cooler) is officially now called the Switch and the console/handheld hybrid rumours were correct. The video opened to a guy sitting on his couch playing the new Zelda game, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, when his dog barks looking to go out for a walk. He gets up, disconnects two controllers, slots them into the side of the tablet device and takes out the tablet/handheld portion from the cradle and the game instantly goes from the TV screen onto the handheld screen without any delay. Now, I know this is a trailer and probably not indicative of the final product and what it can and cannot do, but this alone, if it works as quick and seamlessly in the video, is actually not a bad idea and great for people who need to go but want to continue their game on the go. Other aspects of how Nintendo hope people play with the device where showcased and can be seen in the video below.

Looking at the games being played on the unit, we saw the aforementioned Zelda game, Splatoon, Mario Kart, NBA 2K17(?), an untitled Mario game and, what caught most peoples attention, The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim. This last game was not confirmed by Bethesda as being available for Switch when it launches but it was announced that they are delighted to have had the opportunity to collaborate with Nintendo on the video while affirming that they are one of the many partners working to bring content to the Switch in the future. The image below also shows other partners lined up with titles to be announced for the console




The unit has two detachable Joy-Con controllers that sit on either side of the tablet which you can take off to play a two-player mode on the go with a friend, or when at home, connect to a Joy-Con grip accessory to mimic a more traditional controller. Nintendo also confirmed that they will have a dedicated Switch Pro Controller if the Joy-Con option was not your favoured way of playing.

The unit does use cartridges instead of discs, so for now, there is no backwards compatibility for Wii or WiiU games. Nintendo also confirmed yesterday that 3DS games will not be compatible either. It remains to be seen if they have something via their online store to digitally get your old games back to play via the Switch. This was the main bulk of information released, with no new announcements to be made this side of 2016. With March around the corner, you can expect a big Nintendo Direct or dedicated press conference in early 2017 where we will get the exact date of launch, price point and full specs of the unit along with the launch catalogue of games. It certainly does have potential but would need to see more before going back to Ninty.


The Round Up

Skyrim Special Edition launches next Friday, 28th October and ahead of it's release, Bethesda dropped another trailer, similar to the last trailer but with a few extra in game sequences added.


Anyone who is looking to purchase Star Wars Battlefront may want to hold off, at least until November. An Ultimate Edition version of the game was listed online, with the unconfirmed game coming with the Deluxe Edition content as well as all the Season Pass content which would include Decembers Rogue One tie-in, Scarif. Also, with the game a year old next month, EA did announce a special weekend where all the DLC released will be free to play and you can earn quadruple XP in all modes. The weekend listed is the 18-20 November.




Finally, Mark Ceny, lead designer of the PS4, gave some small extra details concerning the PS4 Pro, Sony's 4K console. He confirmed that the hard drive is removable and can be upgraded without voiding the warranty,which runs in line with the PS3 and PS4. Also, he confirmed that the console will have 1GB of extra DRAM, which he explained would give games an extra 10% of memory to work with, but also freeing up nearly the entire 8GB of GDDR5 RAM to give better high-end resolutions or higher quality graphics. PS4 Pro launches November 10th.


That's it for another week, and what a week for fans of Nintendo or Rockstar. As for me, I'm off to dust off the PS3 and get back to the Wild West in preparation for next year. Until next time.....

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