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D.I.D Electrical Blog

Krispie Rocky Road Popcorn

Treat yourself this weekend with some indulgent rocky road popcorn. The mixture of Rice Krispies and popcorn keep the recipe nice and light while still getting a sweet hit. You can also add chopped peanuts or hazelnuts for some extra crunch! The recipe is simple and fun to make so it’s a great Saturday morning activity with the kids.


75g popcorn kernels

150g Rice Krispies

250g milk chocolate (can add a drizzle of dark or white chocolate on the top for extra chocolatey goodness!)

125g butter

75ml golden syrup

50g mini marshmallows


1. Line a baking tin with cling film or greaseproof paper.

2. Pop your popcorn kernels in the popcorn maker.

3. Melt the chocolate, butter and golden syrup together in a saucepan. Use a low heat to avoid burning the chocolate!

4. Gently fold in the Rice Krispies, marshmallows and popcorn. Keep one handful of popcorn to the side.

5. Add the mixture to the baking tin and decorate with remaining popcorn. You can also add crushed peanuts, marshmallows, sprinkles or an extra drizzle of chocolate.

6. Leave to cool, cut into large chunks and enjoy!

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