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D.I.D Electrical Blog

A look at the Samsung QLED Range

What is QLED TV?

The Q in QLED stands for Quantum-dot. QLED is Samsung’s innovative new TV technology which gives better colour volume and a wider colour palette than standard LED thanks to its use of quantum-dot technology. Quantum-dot expresses vivid colour and this helps to keep the details in your TV clear and crisp.



What are the benefits of QLED?


QLED uses Colour volume (as shown below) to improve the richness and accuracy of colour. This is particularly important for anyone using their TV to watch live sports or for gaming where scenes can often become quite dark. Combined with Q contrast technology, QLED allows you to see all the details without having to close the curtains on a sunny day.



Plus, Samsung is so confident in the quality of their QLED screens that they come with a 10-year screen burn warranty. Screen burn is when static images on your screen cause defects in the display. This is commonly seen in TVs in public places which have the news headlines constantly showing. If you look closely when the image changes to an ad break you can often still see the Breaking News strip at the bottom and the channel logos. These defects can happen in normal day-to-day life. For example, if you use your TV for long periods of gaming the static health bars can also cause issues. With all these factors, it’s great peace of mind to know that your screen is protected for 10 years.





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