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const CERTAINLY_POPUPS = [ { id: "did", // Unique name of the popup. trigger: "page_load", // String or function. If string, accepted values are: "page_load", "visitor_inactivity", "chat_minimized". If function, it must return a boolean value: true or false condition: (function(){ return window.location.href.toLowerCase().includes("did") })(), delay: 3000, // Time in ms after which the first popup text is rendered repeat_after: 10, // Number of times after which this popup will show up again desktop: true, // Whether this popup is enabled on desktop devices mobile: true, // Whether this popup is enabled on mobile devices messages: [{ language: "en", // Language of the texts, will be checked against the current website locale texts: [ "Hi 😊", "Need some help?" ] }] } ] console.log("Initiating Cerainly chatbot");