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Ex-Display - Garmin DriveAssist 50LMT GPS with Integrated Dashcam - Black | 010-01541-11

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Advanced Garmin navagation GPS system with built-in camera and driving connect assitance.

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Ex-Display - Garmin DriveAssist 50LMT GPS with Integrated Dashcam - Black | 010-01541-11


New: a GPS, a camera, a copilot

GPS with built-in camera that continuously records your driving and records videos in the event of an accident and alerts you of the risk of collision and crossing of track.

Maps Europe 45 countries with free lifetime updates

Free for life: Garmin 2 & traffic information service and hazard warning zone 6 fixed and mobile in real time

Bluetooth 4 hands-free calling and voice-activated navigation

Garmin Driver Alerts alerts you to dangerous turns, changes in speed zones, school zones, crossings, etc.

Stay connected: Listen to your sms, emails, voice messages on your smartphone directly on your GPS

Built-in camera

Garmin DriveAssist plays the role of an eyewitness who never blinks. This GPS incorporates a camera that shoots your driving continuously. In the event of a collision, the G-Sensor automatically records the video with the date and location of the incident.

You can watch the video on the GPS screen or on your computer using the Dash Cam Player software. The GPS function allows you to take pictures of the accident. To store your video data, a microSD card is included.

A camera that assists you

With its built-in 3 camera, Garmin DriveAssist offers innovative driving assistance features:

Collision alert The collision

Risk alert is triggered if you do not respect the safety distances and alert you with an audible and visual signal.

Channel crossing alert

If you turn off the road or if you are moving in the opposite direction, the crossing warning alerts you with an audible and visual signal.

GO Alert!

When your car is stopped at a junction or in a queue, the "Go Alert" function warns you when the cars in front of you are moving forward.

Garmin Real Vision

You'll never have trouble reading the house number with the Garmin Real Vision feature. As you approach your destination, the navigation screen switches to video mode and a light arrow points to where you are going.

Garmin Driver Alerts

The new Garmin DriveAssist provides alerts for safer driving and increased steering alertness: alerts for dangerous turns, changes in speed zones, level crossings and animal passages.

In addition, Garmin DriveAssist alerts you when you are traveling in a counter-direction on a one-way lane or when approaching school zones.
For long routes, a fatigue alert 7& suggests taking breaks and indicating the rest areas on your route. The "On my route" function allows you to easily see the places and the stages on your route without leaving the map of the eyes.

Control your GPS by voice

Convenient, Garmin DriveAssist is equipped with navigation controls speechs. Control your GPS by voice without having to handle it or leave the road of the eyes.

Driving assistance connected

Alerts fixed and mobile Danger Free Areas in real time.

To download mobile Smartphone Link8 and get a real-time hazard alert service on your Garmin DriveAssist GPS. Join the Garmin community with more than 4 million users in Europe.

Garmin DriveAssist connects to your smartphone to enjoy hands-free calls and also listen to your SMS 5, emails, voice messages through the speaker of your GPS. Practical, your phone remains in the pocket of your jacket.

What our traffic solutions offer

With the free Garmin traffic information service in real time via Smartphone Link, get better traffic coverage wherever you are. You limit the risk of getting stuck in plugs, whether due to work, accident, rush hour traffic or a serious problem such as a driver riding in the wrong direction. The information is updated every minute. Thus you can know the estimated delay and see if there is an alternative route, in order to remain serene behind your wheel. Simply pair your Garmin GPS with your phone via Bluetooth 3 and start the Smartphone Link application.

More realistic voice guidance

Garmin DriveAssist reinvents voice guidance with Garmin Real Directions, which uses visual cues such as "Turn right after the red building" or "Turn left after the McDonalds".

It contains millions of new popular places through Foursquare.

Find your exact destination

The Direct Access feature simplifies navigation to tricky destinations such as shopping malls and airports. If you are heading to a mall, Direct Access provides you with location information on the shops. For example, "You came to the Forum des Halles. Zara is inside, on level 3.

Simpler and faster searches

On the Garmin DriveAssist, a search bar makes it easy to find addresses and millions of points of interest. Just type in a category ("pizza", for example), a full address or a proper name ("Starbucks") and Garmin DriveAssist displays the results around your location.

An extra camera for traveling

To provide you with a complete navigation solution, Garmin DriveAssist couples with the BC 30 Wireless Rearview Camera (sold separately, recommended by a professional). Once connected, you can clearly see vehicles, pedestrians or other obstacles on the Garmin DriveAssist's screen during back-up maneuvers.

Warranty 1 Year
Promotion Clearance Model
Brand Garmin
Colour Black
Weight (in Kg) 0.19