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Introducing the future of your kitchen - Samsung Chef Collection

Exclusive to D.I.D Electrical

Samsung’s Chef Collection – The kitchen, re-imagined.

When it comes to designing your perfect kitchen, there's nothing more exciting than revolutionary technology and stunning design.

By working together with world-renowned, Michelin star chefs, Samsung have created the Chef Collection. A beautiful range of kitchen appliances, designed to deliver all the precision, practicality and sophistication of a modern kitchen. Samsung believe in the power of imagination to create products that redefine “better” for the people who use them and the lives they lead.

Brand Ambasador

Samsung Ireland are thrilled to announce an exclusive partnership with Derry Clarke, the much loved and well respected head chef at the renowned L’Ecrivain, as Brand Ambassador for Samsung Home Appliances, including the Chef Collection. The Samsung Chef Collection range is available at selected DID Electrical stores.

Chef Dishwasher - Inspired by the demands of chefs, the Samsung Chef Collection dishwasher with WaterWall™ technology promises sparkling clean dishes every time so that your plates look as great as your food tastes.

Water Wall

Unlike conventional dishwashers, Samsung’s innovative WaterWall™ collection uses a sweeping wall of jet-powered water providing you with outstanding coverage and cleaning results after every wash.

Flex Tray

Housed on the third rack, this versatile, flexible and transportable tray allows you to load your cutlery flat for a more effective clean and provides you with greater convenience for unloading.

Zone Booster

Samsung Zone Booster™ provides you with greater control to target specific areas in the same wash. With two controllable zones, now you can target both delicate and heavy soiled items.

Chef Hob - Samsung’s innovative Virtual Flame Technology™ visually tells you how hot each ring with LED lighting that glows in accordance with the temperature of each cooking zone. Enjoy a more precise way to cook.

Fits all shapes and sizes

The Samsung Chef Collection Cooktop features a large open area called the Wide Flex Zone, designed for cooking multiple dishes at once. It's wide and spacious enough to fit pots and pans of varying shapes and sizes, including large cookware.

Precise detachable knob

A movable Magnetic Knob lets you control the temperature settings of the Samsung Chef Collection Cooktop with precision. And because it can be completely detached, it also makes it easier to clean the entire surface.

Chef Dishwasher - Intuitively Stylish

Chef Oven - Gourmet Vapour Technology optimises the taste and texture of your food by surrounding it with vapour that quickly and evenly transfers heat and moisture, resulting in food that’s deliciously crispy outside, but soft and juicy inside.

Cook meat perfectly

A Meat Probe allows you to monitor the internal food temperature without any guesswork by clearly indicating when meat is thoroughly cooked, all without opening the oven door and releasing heat.

Full touch control

A 4.6" Full touch TFT-LCD control panel makes cooking much simpler and easier. You can intuitively select and control functions and settings—such as the cooking mode, temperature and time— with a simple touch of your finger.

Chef Fridge Freezer - More inside, same outside. SpaceMax Technology™ creates extra internal capacity without increasing external dimensions.

Prep, store and cook all in one pan

Prep and cook like a chef with the oven-ready Chef Pan™. This hygienic stainless steel tray can be used to prepare, store and cook food, and then go straight into the dishwasher.

Elegant glow

The Ice Blue Handle emits a stylish blue light that complements the exterior’s stunning brushed metal finish. Not only does it add a touch of modern and elegant style, it also functions as a light when accessing the freezer.

Pro chef temperatures at home

If you’re not a chef, it can be a challenge to know the right temperatures to store different foods. Chef Mode™ helps you out by preserving each type of food at exact chef-recommended temperatures for ultimate freshness.

Chef Hood - Easy on the eyes and easy to use, the Chef Collection Hood completes your Samsung Chef Collection with absolute elegance. Enjoy incredible suction power and a streamlined design at its finest.

High suction

Steam, smells and smoke from cooking can crowd your kitchen. Instantly clear the air with 844 cubic meters per hour of High Suction Power from the hood.

Motion sensor

Things may get messy in the kitchen, but not on the hood. IR sensor technology empowers you to command its controls with a simple wave, eliminating smudges from dirty hands.

Chef Warming Drawer

All dishes stay the perfect temperature until you’re ready to serve, like you just took it out of the oven.

Perfect for restaurant-like meal service, right in your home.

Chef Microwave Oven

Combination cooking includes a “stirrer” microwave that quickly cooks food evenly. It also features multiple heating systems, including a fan-assisted convection that circulates heat evenly, and grills add crispness.

Samsung Brand Ambassador Derry Clarke

Seared hake with white beans, chorizo and tomato - Derry Clarke cooks delicious hake dish in just 5 min on Ireland AM from D.I.D Electrical Blanchardstown. Watch here >>