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Samsung Neo QLED - Redefining Amazing TV Technology

Before we jump into what makes Neo QLED so good, we should probably tell you what it is. Just in case you didn’t already know. Neo QLED is a new and improved form of QLED. QLED stands for Quantum Dot LED (in case that ever comes up in a quiz), and it uses a filter to increase the contrast and vibrancy of colours within its picture. The Neo variant offers more than the regular QLED variant, with sharper viewing angles and a newer AI processor, and while that is great, it can come at a cost. But is that cost worth it? Let’s take a look and find out.

Why Makes Neo QLED so good?

Samsung introduced the first Neo QLED televisions in 2021, and since then, they have been taking the market by storm. But what makes them such good televisions to have?

Well, it is claimed that there is a secret to Neo QLED’s success, and well, to be honest, it is not really a secret, but thanks to its use of thousands of small LED lights, there is a vastly-improved overall picture quality that many claims is to die for. If you are a movie lover or enjoy gaming and graphics are important, then a Neo QLED is a must.

For one, their level of colour contrast is simply unparalleled. Thanks to the LED backlight, you can now see deeper darks and brighter colours in even more detail. These mini-LED backlights are super useful, and don’t leak out at the sides, providing sleek and crisp picture quality. This makes colour representation better overall; even the most subtle shades will stand out and look different.


There are several differences between Neo QLED and OLED. For one, OLED is known to have superior viewing angles to QLED, and it has an incredible contrast ratio. In comparison to this, Neo QLED used mini-LED backlighting, giving it better levels of brightness, has 8k models available on the market, and is said to provide slightly higher picture quality.

When it comes to picture quality itself, both OLED and Neo QLED will look amazing. OLED has a slightly faster response time for gaming, but the Neo QLED has more brightness levels and better lighting zones to make incredible graphics stand out even more.

In the past, OLED panels suffered from burn-in, which meant if you left your TV on the same scene or menu for many hours, it could be permanently imprinted on the screen. This is much less of an issue than it once was, but some people may still be concerned depending on how they use their TV. This is not an issue with Neo QLED.

Of course, we couldn’t compare two different types of TV without mentioning the dreaded ‘P’ word… price. If we are talking price per inch, then the Neo QLED will run a little cheaper. However, the top-end QLED models will be more expensive than their OLED counterparts. Just something to keep an eye on.

The Pros and Cons of Neo QLED

We have already covered just how good the picture quality is with Neo QLEDs, but aside from colour and contrast, there are other pros. For one, they are an improved version of regular QLED televisions. They have 8k capabilities, which make them futureproof (take a look at our collection of Neo QLED televisions here if you don’t believe us), and they are slim and modern in their design and approach.

If we were to pick a con, it would be the price. Whilst not as expensive as some other styles of television, a Neo QLED television will set you back the guts of €1000. However, what we will say is that thanks to our partnership with Humm Finance, you can now buy the Neo QLED television of your dreams now and pay for it later on using instalments. All you need to do is apply for a quote, and within 60 minutes, you could have the funds to get exactly what you need.

Samsung Neo QLED FAQs

Is it worth upgrading to a Neo QLED TV?

If you are in the market for a new television and want something that will offer immense picture quality, we would suggest upgrading to a Neo QLED television. Here at DID, we have a collection of Neo QLED TVs that we think are a must. Browse the collection here.

How is a Neo QLED different to a regular QLED?

There is an improvement with Neo QLED TVs because they offer a mini-LED backlight, better viewing angles, and a better colour and contrast ratio at more difficult angles too.

Are Neo QLED televisions expensive?

There is no dancing around the fact that they can be expensive, but with price comes quality, and there is no better quality than Neo QLED.