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G531GUAL-PKH_Asus ROG Strix Intel Core i5-9300H 15.6" 8GB/512GB Gaming Laptop - Black-1
G531GUAL-PKH_Asus ROG Strix Intel Core i5-9300H 15.6" 8GB/512GB Gaming Laptop - Black-1 G531GUAL-PKH_Asus ROG Strix Intel Core i5-9300H 15.6" 8GB/512GB Gaming Laptop - Black-2 G531GUAL-PKH_Asus ROG Strix Intel Core i5-9300H 15.6" 8GB/512GB Gaming Laptop - Black-3 G531GUAL-PKH_Asus ROG Strix Intel Core i5-9300H 15.6" 8GB/512GB Gaming Laptop - Black-4 G531GUAL-PKH_Asus ROG Strix Intel Core i5-9300H 15.6" 8GB/512GB Gaming Laptop - Black-5 G531GUAL-PKH_Asus ROG Strix Intel Core i5-9300H 15.6" 8GB/512GB Gaming Laptop - Black-6 G531GUAL-PKH_Asus ROG Strix Intel Core i5-9300H 15.6" 8GB/512GB Gaming Laptop - Black-7 G531GUAL-PKH_Asus ROG Strix Intel Core i5-9300H 15.6" 8GB/512GB Gaming Laptop - Black-8 G531GUAL-PKH_Asus ROG Strix Intel Core i5-9300H 15.6" 8GB/512GB Gaming Laptop - Black-9 G531GUAL-PKH_Asus ROG Strix Intel Core i5-9300H 15.6" 8GB/512GB Gaming Laptop - Black-11 G531GUAL-PKH_Asus ROG Strix Intel Core i5-9300H 15.6" 8GB/512GB Gaming Laptop - Black-12 G531GUAL-PKH_Asus ROG Strix Intel Core i5-9300H 15.6" 8GB/512GB Gaming Laptop - Black-13 G531GUAL-PKH_Asus ROG Strix Intel Core i5-9300H 15.6" 8GB/512GB Gaming Laptop - Black-14 G531GUAL-PKH_Asus ROG Strix Intel Core i5-9300H 15.6" 8GB/512GB Gaming Laptop - Black-15

Asus ROG Strix Intel Core i5-9300H 15.6" 8GB/512GB Gaming Laptop - Black | G531GUAL-PKH

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Expect the unexpected in the ASUS G531GUAL-PKH ROG Strix G gaming laptop. Packed with stunning features, this stylish laptop transforms your gaming experience from ordinary to extraordinary, thanks to its striking combo of 9th Gen Intel Core processor and GeForce GTX graphics. It ensures unmatched multitasking power, smooth videos and lifelike visuals for realistic gaming. A 3D Flow Zone, sleek slash across the lid, and asymmetrical cut-out ensure excellent airflow, so you can concentrate more on the game without worrying about the laptop overheating. Strix G s translucent edges and transparent WASD caps are illuminated by the Aura Sync for a super-cool look.

  • Screen Size: 15.6"
  • Processor: Intel
  • Hard Drive: 512GB
  • Memory: 16GB
  • Brand: Asus
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Asus ROG Strix Intel Core i5-9300H 15.6" 8GB/512GB Gaming Laptop - Black | G531GUAL-PKH


Your Game Your Glory

The rog strix g embodies streamlined design, offering a formidable core experience for serious gaming and multitasking on windows 10. Featuring the latest 9th gen Intel core processors and GeForce gtx graphics, it brings impactful gaming performance to a wide audience. Intelligent cooling unleashes the full potential of its leading edge processors, while range boost provides the strongest possible wifi signal for your environment. Wherever you play, illuminate the surroundings with aura sync on the new triple-edged light bar and 4-zone rgb keyboard.


A new design paradigm form follows function, inspired by our collaboration with BMW design works group, the strix g melds form and function with a 3d flow zone that offers cutting edge cooling you can see. A sleek slash across the lid accentuates the asymmetrical cut out that enables free airflow around the back, where scissor door hinges make room for additional venting. The sculpted shape is accentuated with an optional light bar that the edges in rgb lighting. The original black tint wraps the strix g with a stealthy style, while the updated glacier blue colour brings a cooler, lighter energy that underscores the strix family focus on performance-elevating cooling.

Inspired Lines

The striking design is inspired by our collaboration with BMW design works group to imagine the future of gaming laptops. Raised ridges riff off the swooping gills of the face off concept, adding a sculpted surface that draws your eye to the extra venting above the rear exhaust. The offset cut below the display shifts the balance toward the other side, reinforcing a distinctive, asymmetrical edge that echoes a design element explored during the projects brainstorming workshops.

Lighten Your Mood

Game in the glow of the optional expanded light bar. Diffused rgb led wrap around the rim of the chassis, illuminating the front and side edges with customizable colours and effects. Personalize illumination across your entire suite of compatible aura sync peripherals, and set the right mood for focusing your competitive mind set.

Slim Bezels for Big Immersion

Super narrow bezels frame the edges of the display, allowing us to fit a larger screen into a more compact footprint than typical laptops in this class. The bezels practically disappear, immersing you fully in the action without distraction. With a screen to body ratio of up to 81.5%, you get an expansive view of games, streams, movies, and more.

Strong Scissor Door Hinges

Inspired by gullwing doors, the silky scissor door hinges effortlessly emerge when the lid is lifted and discreetly disappear back into the chassis when shut. This hidden hinge design keeps a low profile and opens up additional space for venting and cooling around the heatsinks at the back. The concealed hinges are also better protected from cracks that can affect exposed alternatives.

Easy Open Chassis

The strix g simplifies upgrades by making the memory slots and storage bays readily accessible. Standard screws secure the bottom of the chassis they’re well within reach and can be removed without special tools. The hooks holding the edges together are smaller and stronger than before, with a looser fit that makes it easier to separate the bottom panel and get under the hood.


Intelligent cooling improves your experience, rogs intelligent cooling philosophy mixes the right features and system settings to ensure the best experience for each situation. The strix g augments its well ventilated exterior with a self-cleaning thermal module that ejects dust to improve longevity. Dual n blade fans spin 83 blades to increase airflow, and ultra-thin fins expand the surface area for heat dissipation. Rog armoury crate software seamlessly switches between operating modes to optimize performance and acoustics for the task.

Go With the Airflow

Ample airflow is a fundamental aspect of effective cooling, so the hinges are shifted forward to leave more room at the back for a heavily ventilated 3d flow zone that lets the strix g exhale more effectively. Perforated ridges race across the rear to facilitate extra flow that helps reduce component temperatures. A patented, trapezoidal cut carves out the bottom of the screen, ensuring nothing obstructs the venting below, while giving the strix g its signature, asymmetric appearance.

More Blades Increase Airflow

The dual n-blade fans are designed for maximum airflow. Carefully shaped intake shrouds use curved edges and raised guides to help the fans draw in more air. Once inside, it is blasted toward the heatsinks by liquid crystal polymer blades that are 33% thinner than conventional designs yet still strong enough to spin at high rpms. The strix g matches our highest blade density with 83 per fan, improving airflow by up to 15%.

Cool Zone Keyboard

Extended gaming sessions warm up internal components and can cause the keyboard above to become uncomfortable to touch over time. To keep your fingers cool, the strix g is strategically vented around the wasd keys to allow airflow from the fan below, improving comfort for longer gaming marathons by reducing the surface temperature by 2 degrees Celsius compared to the previous generation.

Self-Cleaning Cooling System

Keeping the heatsinks free of debris is critical to maintaining optimal thermal dissipation, so our engineers designed a special anti-dust tunnel that catches and channels particles outside the chassis to prevent them from collecting on the fins. This self cleaning system helps ensure consistent cooling performance over time, which improves long-term stability and overall reliability.

More Ultrathin Fins

Thermal energy is dissipated by heatsinks in the flanks. Each one is lined with ultra-thin copper fins as slim as 0.1mm, allowing higher density and lower air resistance than typical fins that are twice as thick. Depending on the CPU and gpu, there are up to 189 heat sink fins totaling 102,500mm2 of surface area, increasing heat dissipation by up to 10.4%, while reducing air resistance by 8.2%.

Heat Spreader for Even Cooling

The unique heat-pipe design includes an extended heat spreader that absorbs heat from the gpu and CPU and redistributes it to minimize thermal throttling. The heat spreader stretches across up to 5 heat-pipes, allowing it to efficiently keep chipset power components below 85° Celsius. This consistent heat management helps sustain and extend the overall performance, reliability, and lifespan of your system.

The Right Mode for the Moment

Gaming laptops are versatile enough to tackle a range of tasks, but requirements vary wildly, so intelligent cooling adapts accordingly. It automatically switches between operating modes that optimize performance and acoustics for different games and applications. Turbo mode uses the highest fan speed and clocks to sustain maximum speed, performance mode adjusts the clocks and cooling to lower noise levels for gaming, and silent mode runs even quieter for lighter work and entertainment.


See the difference 120 Hz makes, victory comes down to just fractions of a second. Catch every moment of battle at up to 120 Hz on the formidably fast gaming display. The rapid refresh rate makes full use of the powerful gpu, unleashing its potential for silky smooth graphics at truly high fps. Framed by super-narrow bezels, the display gives you an expansive view of every encounter. With the superior visual accuracy and immersion, you can set your sights on being the last player standing.

Aura Sync

Aura shines brighter than ever, dim the lights and let aura sync take centre stage. The strix gas keys feature translucent edges and transparent wasd caps to artfully accent the keyboard. They are joined by an optional wraparound light bar that adds style to the outer rim of the chassis. Connect your favourite aura sync-compatible devices and coordinate colours and effects across your entire gaming environment. Access the full spectrum of colours and lighting modes via the aura control panel, and let your personality shine.


Strike with precision, durability and precision define the desktop-inspired keyboard. Built with gamers in mind, it features spaced function keys for intuitive identification and dedicated hot keys for quick access to essential commands. Highlighted wasd keys and 4 zone rgb lighting allow for easy visual navigation to crucial controls and shortcuts. With the toughness to last over 20 million key presses, the strix g can maintain its accuracy over a long lifespan of serious gaming.

Tailored For Gaming

Taking inspiration from the best desktop gaming keyboards, the strix g features function keys that are spaced for fewer misses, and directional arrows that are isolated for precise fingertip control. The space bar is extended and reshaped for greater comfort and accuracy when you need to jump into the thick of battle. The 15 inch g531 features a digital numpad on the touchpad available at the press of a button, while the 17-inch g731 offers a full numeric keypad.

Keep Vital Commands Close

Five dedicated gaming hotkeys sit isolated above the keyboard for quick access to the volume and mic mute controls, performance modes, and armoury crate. They’re positioned on the upper left side, so you can access them instantly without tabbing out or taking your right hand off the mouse. Switch on your mic to strategize with your team or turn up the volume to hear every enemy movement in your vicinity without losing focus on the game.

More Actions per Minute

With exclusive rog over stroke technology, keypresses are registered earlier in the stroke, enabling a more responsive typing experience for serious gaming and work. Early key actuation means faster, effortless input that can improve your accuracy over time, while the longer post-actuation travel distance allows for smoother control and comfort. Increase your actions per minute with a keyboard calibrated for precision gaming.

Precise Under Pressure

Play more precisely in the heat of battle with full n-key rollover and anti-ghosting technology. Together, they ensure that every key press is properly detected and registered, regardless of how many commands are being entered at once. Shortcuts, functions, and other inputs that require simultaneous presses can be executed more accurately at any speed. Game with more confidence and enjoy a competitive edge when rapid response matters.


Hear the call of battle, the strix g side-firing speakers put you in the thick of the action. Smart amp technology monitors audio output and makes real-time adjustments to keep the speakers within thermal and excursion limits, preventing damage to the cones. The resulting sound has less noise distortion, higher dynamic range, more bass, and significantly higher potential output. Pump up the volume and hear every enemy movement, firefight, and environmental audio cue in the game.


Sustain the strongest wi-fi signal, rog range boost technology ensures the most stable wifi signal possible. The unique range boost algorithm evaluates the signal strength of four internal antennas and picks the best pair to use for your location, minimizing dead spots and increasing wireless range by up to 30%. Paired with the latest Intel 802.11ac (2x2) gigabit wi-fi, which offers peak wireless bandwidth of up to 1.7gbps, you can connect and game at speed almost anywhere.

I/O Ports

Connect all your favourite devices, hook up your favourite peripherals and get in-game quickly. Enjoy blazing fast transfers at gen 2 speeds via the USB 3.1 type-C with display port 1.4, or connect an external display for superior multi-tasking. three type A USB3.1 gen 1 ports are ready for all of your must have gear, while HDMI 2.0b allows you to enjoy movies and games on a 4k monitor or tv at up to 60hz. Integrated gigabit Ethernet boasts lower networking latency for competitive multiplayer gaming, complementing the built-in wi-fi.


Explore new virtual worlds, discover the latest virtual and augmented reality titles with the rog strix g. its GeForce gtx graphics deliver smooth, low-latency, and stutter-free VR for a wide variety of experiences. Plug and play compatibility with leading headsets means it is easy to access new environments on the platforms you prefer. Explore digital worlds with a cinematic smoothness that enables seamless visual immersion.


Armoury crate, rog armoury crate unifies system and lighting controls to put essential settings at your fingertips in a single utility. You can easily define and customize scenario profiles that automatically make adjustments when you launch your favourite titles. Rog game first v technology maximizes throughput for your game! It prioritizes network packets to increase bandwidth for online gaming and streaming that need it the most. Auto mode prioritizes applications automatically, while manual mode lets you categorize programs and prioritize them yourself. In addition, rog first ensures rog and ASUS RT series routers prioritize packets according to the game first v settings of your rog laptop.


All the gear you need, bundle the strix g with an array of gaming peripherals and accessories. Gear up and rule the game.

Warranty 2 Years
Brand Asus
Colour Black
Screen Size 15.6"
Screen Type FHD
Display Resolution 1920 x 1080
Is Office Included? No
Operating System Windows 10
Bundled Software Armoury crate, Game first v, Sonic studio, Game visual, Aura creator
Ports, Slots & Chassis 1 x Type-C USB 3.2 (Gen 2), 3 x Type-A USB 3.2(Gen 1), 3 x Type A 3.1 (Gen.1), 1 x 3.5mm Combo audio jack
Built in Camera & Microphone Webcam with Built-in microphone
Processor Brand Intel
Processor i5
Processor Type Intel Core i5-9300H
Clock Speed (GHz) 2.4
Front Side Bus (MHz) 2,666
Ram size (GB) 16
Maximum Expandability (GB) 32
No. of Memory Slots 2
Hard Disk
Hard Drive (GB) 512
Drive Rotation (RPM)
Optical Drive & Graphics
Maximum Speed -
Optical Drive Type -
Graphics Type NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660Ti
Connectivity & Networking
Wi-Fi Yes
Bluetooth Yes
Headphone Jack Yes
USB 1 x Type-C USB 3.2 (Gen 2), 3 x Type-A USB 3.2 (Gen1)
Multi-Card Reader No
Compatible Memory Cards -
Battery Type 4-cell Li-ion, 66 WHrs, 4S1P
Battery (up to) 4h
Width (mm) 360.00
Depth (mm) 275.00
Height (mm) 25.80
Weight (kg) 2.40